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Martial Art

Martial Arts

Various martial arts including Adimurai, Kuttu Varisai, Varma Kalai, Silambam, Adithada, Malyutham and Kalarippayattu, are practised in Tamil Nadu and […]...
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Silambam, Origins Oral folklore traces Silambam back several thousand years to the siddhar enlightened Agatya munivar. While on his way […]...
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The history of Silambam

The history of Silambam The name Silambam is derived from the word Silambu. Silambu means sounding. It is said that […]...
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Valari A valari is a thrown, iron, Returning & non-returning weapon used primarily by the Tamil people of the Indian […]...
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The maduvu, also known as a maru or madu

Maduvu The maduvu, also known as a maru or madu, is a weapon from India. It is one of the […]...
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