1st Lt. Appan Appasamy Karunanithi

1st Lt. Appan Appasamy Karunanithi

  • the heroic freedom figther
  • death 08.09.1999

A new era

“This is your dream? To become a great martyr and rest in the Thuyilumillam?”

“Why do you not think that I can become a great martyr while fighting with the border force? If I die in combat I will get a place in the Thuyillumillam as a great martyr. Don’t you know that?”

“Do you really think they will believe in your border force enough to send you to the front?” “You can say whatever you want, I will fight the front and return as a hero or as a great martyr, planted in the Thuyilumillam as a seed.

“Fine, let’s stop this conversation now. You know we have a lot of preparations to do to go abroad?”

“I don’t care if I go to Swiss or Germany. I will earn for 5 or 6 years and then return. I cannot stay so far away from our kid for longer periods. But before I leave, I will fight 5-6 fights with the border force. I don’t want anyone to question me and ask what I did for my country, Uma”

“ I do not object to your wishes, but do it before we get the message from Columbo.“

Appan never went to any European countries. He lies in the holy burial site for our heroic martyrs together with our fallen heroes. It is now years since he sacrificed himself in the attempt to protect the motherland in the Vanni district. Appan lives beyond time in our Tamil national history and his name will forever remind us of his great sacrifice.

His wife Uma was 4 months pregnant when he asked his sister-in-law to take care of his wife in case something would happen to him and said “I will be back soon” as his last words.

When he said these last words the amount of pride in this Tamilians face was immense. He was a farmer who worked hard to feed his family, now he was a freedom fighter holding a gun and ready to enter war zones to protect his country.

He was in the battlefield for 7 days on the front line, so close he could see the enemy clearly. He was a hero fighting alongside his fellow Tamilians for freedom. They were no longer individuals with their own individual lives. They shared food, feelings and the burdens on the battlefield and were fulfilled by the success they had on the front line.

The first six days were over, and they were ready to leave on the seventh day. They had at this time only known each other briefly but were deeply connected by the bloody combats and the forceful fights that they have been through for six days. The departure on the seventh day was hard on them. But they had to leave and get back to their wives, kids and parents who were eagerly awaiting their return. They seek comfort in knowing that they would return for another battle soon. That’s when the horrifying attack from a far distance by the enemy shot infiltrated the body of Appan.

On the seventh day the family were excited to see and hear about the proud, heroic and exciting war stories by the soon to be father, husband, son and brother-in-law. But only saddening and terrible news reached them on the seventh day together with Appans body.

Mithusha would visit her father’s Thuyilumillam, whenever she wanted.

“Mother, father liked dates, let’s bring them to him today.” “Okay let’s go” Uma said and places two of the dates on the grave. “Do you only give him two? ” “Yes, that’s enough for him, the rest is for me.” This is how Uma and the girl passed their days. “Let’s take the motorbike and visit father every Sunday. “The girl would suggest. Uma would allow it as it was their Holy temple from now on and found her peace in that place. Uma continued her life as a writer.

1st Lt. Appan Appasamy Karunanithi


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