2 crore panai trees by the year 2000! The giant Karpaga Solai Project!

2 crore panai trees by the year 2000! The giant Karpaga Solai Project!

  • Tamileelam Future Development Corporation

In the 90s, when the liberation struggle was faced with severe economic restrictions, we protected the people from multi-sided attacks such as malnutrition, starvation, living on the agenda of the oppressive government, lack of employment opportunities, psychological pressure, suicidal thoughts, production shutdowns, improved their livelihoods, scientifically studied the local resources, and put them to maximum use. Tamileelam Future Development Corporation formulated and implemented various schemes.

They enriched our land and protected our people from starvation and other destructive activities.

“2 Crore panai trees by the year 2000 – The Giant Karpaga Solai Project” Our target of planting 50 lakh panai trees in 5 years has started to materialize very fast. The Tamileelam Future Development Corporation consulted all associations related to the panai trees and palms resource development, the general public, the intellectual community and government department officials and coordinated their contributions and approached the target with a very creative effectiveness.

This is the sign of the best plans made to work without sleep!


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