A heart touching event

On 20.04.2003 a remarkable event took place at the Political Central Office at Kilinochchi. Tamileelam National leader V. Prabhakaran met Dr. Kalanithi Kengatharan, who dedicated his fifty years of life to the oppressed Tamils as a medical practitioner, and his family who supported his public life. National leader Prabhakaran met them and honored them with a memento.

Dr. Kengatharan’s medical work is grateful. By bearing all the burdens of our people, and living in it, the work he did and continues to do for the people is appreciative. He threw away all opportunities for luxury and served his people with humanity.

During the Second Eelam War, the Jaffna Peninsula was under a deadly siege by the Sinhalese. A time of cruelty. During that time, LTTE performed important battles to break the siege of Jaffna. Koddaichamar, A.G.V. Battle, Yarldevi Battle, Thavalai operation – Hundreds of freedom fighters would come to the hospital every day as a result of major battles.

In such a time of great crisis, Dr. Kalanithi Kengatharan remained in retirement in the Jaffna and offered treatments to the people and the freedom fighters.

The period of the Third Eelam War was a period of important turning points. He had then completed seven decades of his human life. It was the age of seeking answers not only from medical work but also from human life. When the war took a turn and the struggle shifted to the Vanni base, the medical doctor Kengatharan came to Vanni along with his family. Faced with serious medical problems, he did a great job in Mulliyavela, Puthukudiyiruppu, Kilinochchi, Mallavi, Earaga to service to the people everywhere. The medical work he did when the people lived in constant displacements and suffering from various diseases cannot be forgotten by anyone.

Not only did he work for the people, but he also imparted his knowledge and experience in the war hospitals, which always had an average of hundreds of freedom fighters. And he worked for the leader’s plan to address the medical shortage in the Vanni’s hospitals and battlefields.

A freedom fighter had expressed his feelings on learning that Dr. Kengatharan had been honored by the President:

”It was Dr. Kengatharan who helped my mother when I was in her womb. Then he was the one who treated me when I was wounded and battle of Elephant Pass, and now he is going to help me through the birth of my child.”

Tthousands of people and freedom fighters will share their memories in this land about the medical work of Dr. Kalanithi Kengatharan. During his fifty years of service, he has rendered many noble services. Even now he is doing his best. The nation of Tamileelam and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are very happy that the national leader also attended and honored him with a commemorative gift on the anniversary of his 50 years of service. We wish him a long and healthy life.

A heart touching event


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