A small village full of coconut trees, adjacent to the green marshland called Pachi Pulmottai, located in the midst of the villages of Shivanagar, Iranipalai, Pudumathalan, Ambalavan Pokkani, Velanarmadam and Manthuvil.

 🎯This is where the last stand took place, crushing the Eelam War to its final phase

 🎯The place where the faith of the Tamil people was broken and shattered

 🎯Wild life, Houses, Trees and even soil was burnt by phosphorus

 🎯A place where the souls of the battle heroes mingled with the air

 🎯The place where more than 400 high ranking popular commanders fell

 🎯On 04/04/2009, Anandapuram was completely destroyed in the early hours of the morning 🔥

 🎯Gone is the ray of dawn ⚡

 😔 When I go to Ananthapura road, my heart gets heavy

 😑 Filled with memories again

 😓 Eyes water without knowing

Anandapuram still stands as a silent witness behind the war victory monument standing on the Manthuvil. There is no longer the smell of sulfur in the breeze that creeps through the strips of fresh coconuts growing in Anandapuram. But the thirst of those who have fallen lay deep in the roots, soil and the air of the land.

If we stand quietly in that soil for a few minutes, repent to those heroes we loved as our heroes, breathe the air in deeply, blow out and those souls will speak. It is the experience of feeling the pulsing in the veins, no one can stand outside and know the new vision… 🙏

In the picture – near the Krishnan temple in Anandapuram, a house was hit by an airstrike when the hospital of the medical unit was operating around the same time in 2009 and many lives were mixed with the air.


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