Bishop Anglican

One day in the month of 1993. Anglican Bishop Kenneth Fernando, who came from Colombo to Jaffna, meets the national leader.

Bishop: You say the government should show goodwill, but what if you make a goodwill effort yourself?

National leader: Tell me what to do?

Bishop: Will you release some Sinhalese military prisoners in your custody? It will help to gain the goodwill of the government and the Sinhalese people.

National leader: I will release those prisoners tomorrow. I entrust them to you. Pick them up when you visit Colombo.

Shocked, the bishop exclaimed, “I appreciate your kindness, it’s a victory for peace.” Besides that; “I would like to bring some scholars and Buddhist teachers from Sinhalese, will you allow me?” inquired the bishop. Of course, our doors of peace are always open,” the national leader said with a smile.

The meeting ended. The prisoners were released. The day after two Sinhalese government planes dropped giant bombs on Madduvil and left the “thank you” to the national leader for his kindness.

(Correction by TamilPriya)


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