Brigadier Balraj is an energetic and ideal fighter! – National leader.

Tamileelam National Leader V. Prabhakaran talks about Brigadier Balraj in a statement:

General Secretariat, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

May 21, 2008.

My dear respected people of Tamileelam,

Our freedom movement has made many wonderful sacrifices in the long journey to liberation. It has created many epics. It has collected enormous military victories. Our heroic commander, who intervened many of these enormous invasions and guided our battles, is no longer with us today.  Today our nation is in unbearable sorrow and deep pain due to his loss.

In general, we do not see suffering, if we are caught up in the ideal of liberation. We do not realize the pains. The physical abuse does not compress us. The nature does not stand in the way.

The same was for my dear commander Brigadier Balraj. He faced all the battlefields without rest or sleep. He worked in the battlefield day and night. The heavy rain and the hot sun of summer never tied him down. In the deadly battlefields, he fought with huge determination as he endured many hardships, overcame many crises and faced many dangers.

I loved him deeply as a great fighter. I had an overwhelming love and affection for him. From the day he was introduced, I saw he was naturally full of warlike qualities.  I raised him to be an energetic and ideal fighter. His extraordinary bravery, amazing speed, excellent attacking tactics, his ability to move his forces carefully combined with his firm impulsive performance, gave our enemy fear. At the same time, all these action of Brigadier Balraj fertilized the morale and ideal determination to our fighters. They gave great victories to our people.

Brigadier Balraj never left us. He will always be within us as the breath of freedom of our nation, the ideal fire within us.

  “Thirst of the Tigers is the homeland of Tamil Eelam”

 (V. Prabhakaran)


Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

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