Honoring students who have made our history academically.

The political struggle for the self-determination of Tamileelam has been moving through a long hierarchical history, taking different forms in […]...
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Thiyagi Thirumalai Natarajan

Sri Lankan government announced the Sinhala Only Bill, (1956), act passed by the government of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) making […]...
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Aiya Ilavalakanar

Aiya Ilavalakanar worked tirelessly for the liberation struggle of Tamil Eelam. Aiya Ilavalakanar, who was a faithful supporter of Tamil […]...
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Iyothee Thass

Ayodhya Thass (C. Iyothee Thass, May 20, 1845 – May 5, 1914) was South India’s first anti-caste militant, social worker, […]...
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