Chapter 39 – The Greatness of a King / Iraimaatchi

Couplets / kuratpaakal

Couplet 381
An army, people, wealth, a minister, friends, fort: six things-
Who owns them all, a lion lives amid the kings.

He who possesses these six things, an army, a people, wealth, ministers, friends and a fortress, is a lion among kings.

Pataikuti Koozhamaichchu Natparan Aarum
Utaiyaan Arasarul Eru.

Couplet 382
Courage, a liberal hand, wisdom, and energy: these four
Are qualities a king adorn for evermore.

Never to fail in these four things, fearlessness, liberality, wisdom, and energy, is the kingly character.

Anjaamai Eekai Arivookkam Innaankum
Enjaamai Vendhark Kiyalpu.

Couplet 383
A sleepless promptitude, knowledge, decision strong:
These three for aye to rulers of the land belong.

These three things, viz, vigilance, learning, and bravery, should never be wanting in the ruler of a country.

383 Thoongaamai Kalvi Thunivutaimai Immoondrum
Neengaa Nilanaan Pavarkku.

Couplet 384
Kingship, in virtue failing not, all vice restrains,
In courage failing not, it honour’s grace maintains.

He is a king who, with manly modesty, swerves not from virtue, and refrains from vice.

Aranizhukkaa Thallavai Neekki Maranizhukkaa
Maanam Utaiya Tharasu.

Couplet 385
A king is he who treasure gains, stores up, defends,
And duly for his kingdom’s weal expends.

He is a king who is able to acquire (wealth), to lay it up, to guard, and to distribute it.

Iyatralum Eettalung Kaaththalum Kaaththa
Vakuththalum Valla Tharasu.

Couplet 386
Where king is easy of access, where no harsh word repels,
That land’s high praises every subject swell.

The whole world will exalt the country of the king who is easy of access, and who is free from harsh language.

Kaatchik Keliyan Katunjollan Allanel
Meekkoorum Mannan Nilam.

Couplet 387
With pleasant speech, who gives and guards with powerful liberal hand,
He sees the world obedient all to his command.

The world will praise and submit itself to the mind of the king who is able to give with affability, and to protect all who come to him.

Insolaal Eeththalikka Vallaarkkuth Thansolaal
Thaankan Tanaiththiv Vulaku.

Couplet 388
Who guards the realm and justice strict maintains,
That king as god o’er subject people reigns.

That king, will be esteemed a God among men, who performs his own duties, and protects (his subjects).

Muraiseydhu Kaappaatrum Mannavan Makkatku
Iraiyendru Vaikkap Patum.

Couplet 389
The king of worth, who can word bitter to his ear endure,
Beneath the shadow of his power the world abides secure.

The whole world will dwell under the umbrella of the king, who can bear words that embitter the ear.

Sevikaippach Chorporukkum Panputai Vendhan
Kavikaikkeezhth Thangum Ulaku.

Couplet 390
Gifts, grace, right sceptre, care of people’s weal;
These four a light of dreaded kings reveal.

He is the light of kings who has there four things, beneficence, benevolence, rectitude, and care for his people.

Kotaiyali Sengol Kutiyompal Naankum
Utaiyaanaam Vendhark Koli.


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