“Cheran Suvayaham”

We had a separate government in Tamil Eelam in 2009. At that time the most popular restaurants in Kilinochchi were “Cheran Suvayaham” and “Pandian Suvayuthru”. These two cannot be forgotten by the people who lived under the control of the separate state of Tamil Eelam. Both were operating under LTTE finance.

Then came a policy of naming names in Tamil Eelam in Tamil. Due to this “ice cream” is called “kulir kali” in pure Tamil. They will sell ice cream in a similar vehicle at all the gathering places like temple festivals, sports competitions and LTTE campaign meetings.

The taste of that ten rupees ice cream in Tamil Eelam, that is not available here no matter how many thousand rupees you pay. That is the specialty of Tamil Eelam. Now none of these is in Tamil Eelam. The Sinhalese has destroyed everything. However, this is not the end. Soon we will rebuild all that was lost in our motherland under the guidance of our leader. Then again, the ice cream vehicles of this “Cheran Suvayaham” will flourish in Tamil Eelam.




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