Colonel Charles – the great hero who led the attacks of Tamileelam freedom struggle that made the world aware

Colonel Charles was the great hero who led the attacks that made the world aware of the freedom struggle in Tamileelam.

Charles is actually someone who is unknown to everyone.  But the enemy knows him well.

He was a commander who had staged and led several successful attacks in the south that had led to many historic turning points in the past.

Colonel Kiddu was the district commander of Jaffna at the time. Charles was the one who studied at the school and came to guard at the Point Pedro in part-time.

When he started his war life at a young age and due to his lack of appearance and age, Colonel Kiddu chose him to continue his work as a seller of goods, when the goods were not available to the people due to the war crisis in Vadamaradchi.

Later, when Charles faced with “Operation Liberation” in Vadamaradchi, he fought in Point Pedro until the end and later withdrew and again entered the new era of Miller and made a record.

It was the time when Indian Army was fully equipped in Vadamaradchi.  While wandering without sleeping place – without food – without shelter, Captain Morrison took Charles with him. Captain Morrison was in charge of the Point Pedro area. Charles launched attacks against the Indian force under the leadership of Captain Morrison. Then Charles came to Manalaaru. After being re-arranged there, the chief of the Intelligence Office Pottu accompanied him to Jaffna continued his work.

After the withdrawal of the Indian Army in 1990, Charles was based in Vadamaradchi. And he was identified by the intelligence officer Pottu, and went as a faceless fighter to set up a base in the south and carry out operations there.

In fact, he stayed in southern Sri Lanka for a long time and led many successful attacks. Especially on the joint headquarters of the Sri Lanka Army and he led many successful attacks in Batticaloa while being searched by the Sri Lanka Army.

In 2001, Charles led the attack and provided long-term training for the Karumpuli team to blow up the Katunayaka Air Force Base without harming any civilian or foreign traveler to the surprise of the world. He made the world aware of the extreme state of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Struggle. But to our people he is a faceless commander.

In the initial period, with the aim of taking the Sea Tigers, not limiting them to the North-East only, to carry out a massive attack in the South, Charles created some undercover Sea Tigers and promoted them in the Intelligence Department. This Commander in Chief is not with us today. But the fighters created by him will definitely carry his dreams and work for it.

Charles is friendly with everyone and with our national leader. He did not exclusively intensify the struggle in the South Jaffna. He also made fresh intelligence fighters and led the offensive in Jaffna breaking through the Muhamalai front. Today there is leader is not with us.

In today’s situation, his loss is a huge loss for the freedom struggle. Our freedom struggle has lost many commanders and departmental leaders but is gradually taking many successful actions.

Losses are hard to bear. But liberation cannot be achieved without losses. “We will surely carry we will carry forward the dream of Charles and his idea of ​​freedom struggle.”, he said.

  • From the speech delivered by Col. Soosai on 06.01.2008 at Col. Charles’s funeral.

 “Thirst of Tigers is Tamil Eelam”


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