Eekaichudar, Mangalachudar, Pothuchudar

Clear explanations given about Eekaichudar, Mangalachudar, Pothuchudar. The TE-Library team wanted to know the clear explanations from Dr. G. Arasendiran.

This is a summary of his explanations. Also, in this section, there are explanations given by him about lighting one wick, three wicks, five wicks, seven wicks and nine wicks. Flaming may have been a practice in the world for twenty or thirty thousand years. ‘Flame’ is based on worship. History says that God has been seen and worshiped as light at all times in the world.

“I am the light,” says Jesus. “Athiyum Anthamum Illa Arumperumsothi” sings Manikkavasakar. The word ‘el(எல்)’ means light in Tamil. There are studies that ‘el’ is the name of ‘Allah’. The word “Thee(தீ)” means light in Tamil. The word ‘thee’ became theey(தேய்) – thei(தீய்)- thee(தீ). The word theey(தேய்)  became Theyu(தேயு) – thesu(தேசு) – Tej – Tejas. The words Theivam – Te – Thevan are Tamil words. The word ‘deity’ is derived from the Tamil word ‘thei’. The word ‘Theism’ meaning “belief in a deity or deities,” and Atheism meaning ‘disbelief in God’ are derived from Tamil.

People worshiped an archetype of light – God – the source of the world by lighting a lamp. Whether it is worshiping with a little Trivilakku, or the big Thiruvannamalai lamp, everything is the symbolic light of God.

We salute the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of our motherland with the feeling that they have become Gods. Our unique leader is genius, never seen anywhere in the history of the world. The history of our leader Prabhakaran’s worship by lighting lamps in ‘Maaveerar Thuyilum Illams’ on the day of Maveerar Naal is still burning in the hearts of world Tamils. The word ‘Sudar’ comes from the root ‘Chul’. ‘Chul’ means shooting. Sulli, sudu, sudar, suttathu are all words that refer to heat. This flame is also known as Pothuchudar. The flame carried by those heroes because they sacrificed their body, material and spirit for their homeland was called ‘Eekaichudar’. Eekam and Eekai are pure Tamil words. These are the Tamil words equivalent to Vatacol for Sacrifice. Therefore, we should call it Eekaisudar rather than thiyakachudar.

A country is something that people of different religions can live together. There will be people in one country who follow different forms of worship. Religious unity is the basis of a country. In that way, during the time of our national leader, it was correctly called as Pothuchudar, Eekaichudar. It can be called Pothuchudar or Eekaichudar because the flame that is lit for the maveerars is a flame that includes people of all religions, regardless of the specific religion. It is also correct to say that it is a mankalavilakku.

Valluvar said, ‘Mangalam enba manaimaatchi’. The word ‘mangal’ refers to a dull colored yellow. Pavanar says Mangal yielded the word manjal(Turmeric). Manjal(Turmeric) is used for auspicious events. This is why the word Mangalam is appropriate to denote the best event. It is appropriate to say that the lamp used for rituals like marriage is Mangala Vilakku. Without places like marriage, it is appropriate to refer to the lamp that goes to maveerar as Eekaichudar or Pothuchudar.

Let me explain the word Mangalam (மங்கலம்)/Mangalam (மங்களம்). The word Tulakam(துலக்கம்) becomes Tulakam (துளக்கம்). Similarly, mangalam(மங்களம்) is derived from the la(ல)- la(ள) change of Mangalam(மங்கலம்). Both are correct. In general, lighting for weddings etc. is called Mangala Vilakku.

It is the correct practice to mount the Pothucudar and Eekaichudar in one, three, five, seven or nine thiri’s. We light one thiri – It is because God is one. Assuming God rules all three worlds we use three thiri’s. The world is made up of five Poothas, so we light five-thiri lamps to pay homage to the five Poothas. The fundamental planets are seven. It is our tradition to add both Rahu and Ketu as nine planets. This is why the custom of seven thiri and nine thiri is formed in our tradition. Thiri is a Tamil word. It is called thiri because it is made by twisting the punch.

One thiri, three thiri, five thiri, seven thiri, nine thiri are all the wishes of our mind. Nothing wrong with that; Everything is one. A big one thiri is sufficient. If three thiri, five thiri, seven thiri, nine thiri are loaded, even if one thiri goes off, another thiri can be loaded from it. Many thiri tradition is adopted for convenience. The thiri burning in batches are also beautiful to watch.

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Eekaichudar, Mangalachudar, Pothuchudar


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