How the “Mandaitheevu Battle” took place

During Heroes’ Week in 1994, Tigers undertook an operation to capture the entire island.  The ground attack will be led by Senior Commander Banu and will be co-ordinated and led by Head of Sea Tigers Special Commander Colonel Soosai, all in association with the National Leader.

But at the last moment the attack was halted by two team of the Sri Lankan forces who suddenly set up a large contingent in the way of Lt. Col. Kilman and his team.

Brigadier Balraj talked with the team about this attack: “Only Banu Brother will come inside. I´ll speak through telecommunication tool and if you hear me, you have to think it is the national leader.”

After that our troops, who had been engaged in training for some time, went to their districts during the 1995 ceasefire.

Again after the ceasefire the teams were conducted at Pallai for training under the command of Senior Commander Banu and Senior Commander Sornam.  One day while these exercises were going on, and after lunch we were on our way to the training ground when Senior Commander Sornam noticed a vehicle approaching.

When he saw the National Leader there, he asked, “Brother, do you want to arrange a talk?”  The National Leader said, “I speak all the time, let me see the training this time.” After saying that the National Leader went to the training ground, visited the fighters, and gave some advices. The exercises lasted for a few weeks, after which the plan for the attack was explained and the attack took place.

On the night of 27.06.1995, the Sea Tigers helped the fighters into Mandaitheevu. The camp fell to the hands of LTTE shortly after the attack began in the early hours of 28.06.1995. The Commander Banu led the attack at the ground and the Head of Sea Tiger Colonel Soosai led the attack in the sea. Senior Commander Sornam had overseen and led both attacks.

The contribution of the people in this struggle is also immense.  The National Leader met the fighter and the team and praised them for the good work. He also commented and corrected the fighters who had made mistakes. The leader also stated that this battle took place in Tamil Eelam with the least losses to our armed forces.

  • Written by S.Kuna.

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