In memory of “Kili Father”

Today (20.04.2008) it is 10 years since Karunaratnam Father, as he was known by all Vanni people, was killed in a claymore attack by Sri Lanka Army in Mallavi Vavunikulam and Vannivilangulam area.

Even though there is great pain, we are in a situation where we should continue his work. He stood as a Father not only to certain Catholic people but also to the entire people of Vanni. And he also contributed greatly to the liberation of the homeland and the liberation of the people.

During the critical period of the war, especially during the period of 1995, 1996, (1997) at the period of Jayasikkuru Operation, he worked very hard day and night for the people who were suffering and to bring the suffering of the people to the outside world. 1995 his department was in Iranaimatha Nagar but worked hard all over for the displaced people. He sought international organizations with different agendas to heal the suffering and scars of war.

It was during this time he worked as the Northern contact for the tail Mission for the Veritas and made known the sufferings of the people to the outside world and to the Catholic people.1998 he worked in non-governmental organizations and helped people with many aids. 1997, 1998 he was the Father of Mallavi area.

He did his work in Vavunikulam church and Mallavi church part till 2002. Even though the church was attacked several times by the Sri Lankan army, he did not leave it and instilled faith in the people.

He too the leadership of the North-East Human Rights Organization and worked very well with human right activities. He also worked hard to tell the outside world about the ethnic cleansing of the Tamil people.

Finally, on his way back from visiting the people and the churches, he left the people behind in an insidious attack by the Sri Lankan government. Even after he was killed in the attack, some Sinhalese media of the government described and published the news as the Kili Father was a LTTE fighter in white dress.

By describing him as a white-clad LTTE fighter, it goes without saying how important his work has been for the people. His role in conveying to the western world that the human liberation struggle is not only the liberation of the land but also includes the values ​​of the liberation of the human society.

The loss of Kili Father, who always acted with the same character in word and deed, is a disaster for the Church, for our Tamileelam people, and for the people’s liberation struggle!

During the peace period, he kept informing the visiting diplomats and human rights organizations about the human rights activities in the homeland and the human rights violations committed against the Tamil people. His contributions were essential in conveying to the West that the human liberation struggle does not only involve the liberation of the land but also the values ​​of the liberation of the human society.

Let us take his actions as a lesson and carry forward his work. Karunaratnam Father served as its Director after founding the North East Human Rights Secretariat, an independent local human rights monitoring organization.

Many Catholic priests have been killed during the last 30 years of war.

In 1983, Catholic Sister Mary Annita was assassinated.

In 1984, Methodist Church Father George Jayaratnesingham and his Muslim driver were killed.

In 1985, Father Bastian was shot dead.

In 1988, Catholic Father Chandra Fernando was assassinated.

In 1990, Reverend John Gabbett went missing.

In 1997, Father S. Selvarasa was kidnapped.

In 2006, Catholic Father Pakyaranjit Claymore was killed in an attack.

Karunaratnam was beaten to death in a claymore attack in 2008.

In 2009, Francis Joseph went missing due to beatings.

  • Self-identification – Kaviya Jagatheeswaran

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