Introduction Thirukkural

Thirukkural was written by Thiruvalluvar also known as Poiyaamozhilpulavar & Theivappulavar. It has a total of 133 Chapters. There are a total of 1330 couplets; ten couplets per chapter. All these fall into the three main divisions called  ‘virtue,’‘Wealth’ and ‘pleasure.’

There are a total of three Categories in the object. The first of these is “Government Science”. It has 25 chapters. Next up is “Ministry Science”. It has 32 powers. Lastly, is “Elimination Science”. There are 13 Chapters in it. There are a total of three sub-categories with  70 chapters and 700 couplets in the material.

There are a total of two Catergories in Love (Kamathupal or Inpathupal) which comes last of the three divisions. One is Pre-martial Love and the other is post-marital love. There are 7 powers in theology. There are 18 chapters on pedagogy. So Kamathupal has a total of 25 chapters and 250 couplets.

Pre-Marital Love – 7Post Marital Love – 18 There are a total of 9 Sub-divisions, 133 chapters and 1330 couplets in Thirukkural.




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