Jhonny Pedal bomb of the leader and Operation Pavan of the Indian Army.

Jhonny Pedal bomb is a word that shocked the Indian and Sinhalese army. Without Jhonny Pedal bomb, the martial history of Tamils will not be complete. Why did the leader choose the name “Jhonny” from these maveerar? To know this, you need to know the history of Jhonny’s brother and the history of the formation of Pedal bomb.

Col. Jhonny dropped out of his university studies in the early 1980s and joined the struggle. His early struggle career started with Kiddu. It was at this time that the Indian government offered to provide weapons training to the LTTE and other organizations. The LTTE had developed and developed their own weapons training. The LTTE had made several attacks against the Sinhalese army. It includes the Thirunelveli attack that turned the world upside down. Johnny also went to Tamil Nadu for the first training of the Indian government. There he was sent by the leader to a telecommunication training provided by the Indian government instead of military training.

Compared to world military training, the training provided by the Indian Army was of low quality.  Because they have no concern for the LTTE or our people. The LTTE took part in the training on that day considering the initial need for a rigorous basic training. I would like to record one more thing.

I will also deny the allegation that the LTTE was raised by the arms of the Indian Army. Because while the Indian Army was using “single shot guns” like SLR, 303 (automatic SLR rifle and police 303 are still in use), the LTTE at that time had AK-47, AK.MS, M-16, M-16.203, RPG. The LTTE had the most modern weapons of the day like 60.LMG. To be precise, even the Sinhalese government did not have these weapons at that time.

The world knows about the telecommunications of the freedom fighters. The LTTE had state-of-the-art telecommunication facilities of that time. The Indian government drew the line in the name of training. It was the LTTE who paved the road through their efforts. Its manifestation is the special training developed by the LTTE and the achievements achieved through it. Jhonn traveled with Kiddu after the training.

In the 1980s, the Jaffna peninsula was brought under the control of the LTTE by Kiddu. Jhonny was at the forefront of several historically important attacks against the Sinhalese forces. While there, the LTTE had started fighting against the Indian Army at home. As a result, Kiddu along with Jhonny’s brother and some freedom fighters were put under house arrest. At the same time, a fierce war broke out between the Indian Army and the LTTE. We had lost key fighters, including the Joy Master, early in the fight. At that time, the leader had safely moved to Vanni from Jharkhand. The Indian army was confused as to where the leader was. The Indian Army and their allied social militant groups like TELO, EPRALF, ENDELF had started staging massive atrocities on the people to get information about the leader.

Then they sought the help of the Sinhalese government. After that the Sinhalese Intelligence Service and the Blot organization that joined them killed the people for their part. At the end, they did not know where the leader was. At the same time, Kiddu’s group, who were under house arrest, were cut off from outside communication and were told the myths created by the Indian government. Kiddu’s group was distraught as they kept telling them that the freedom fighters were dying and that they would kill the leader within a short time.

Kiddu decided to stop the war through a negotiation and spoke to the Indian government. This is what they wanted.

It was decided to send Jhonny as an ambassador to ask for the leader’s permission to stop the war. After some tug-of-war, the Indian government announced that they would take Jhonny to Vavunia in their helicopter, and until then there would be a ceasefire. After he met the leader, it was decided that they would meet Jhonny again at a specified place. According to this, Jhonny was dropped in Vavuniya Nedunkeni at the end of the second month of 1988. Before he was released there, the Indian army and their allies, the alternative group, were dropped all over the town to keep an eye on him. It was speculated that he must be in one of the three: Mannarkadu, Manalarukadu, or Trikonamalaikadu. They need to know for sure which of the three they need. For that, they started following Jhonny’s feet. The LTTE had already suspected the ulterior motives of the Indian intelligence agencies. So the LTTE were ready to sprinkle dust in their eyes.

Accordingly, Jhonny, who arrived at a certain place, Kiddu’s team secretly brought from there to the shore of Vishwamadu. When the LTTE is traveling, the help of the freedom fighters fighting from the cover will be provided to cross the particular town, because they know the movements of the Indian Army very well. They will make a safe passage for them to go. The LTTE can move safely using those routes. It will almost be like putting a rod. After meeting them, Jhonny traveled secretly and came to the leader. When he came to the leader, the leader asked him how his head injury was. Because the gunpowder passed through the forehead and ear, the forehead is not hard and soft at one place. Due to this he often suffers from headaches.

This is what the leader will never forget. It was only after coming to the leader that the successful attack of the LTTE against the Indian Army came to be known. Only then did he realize that the Indian government had only told them lies. He wanted to stay there with the leader. But the leader  said, you have come as an ambassador of the Government of India, and we must give them our answer. So he went back there and gave the answer and ordered them to come back again without their knowledge.

By this you can know the deceit of the Indian government and the honesty of the leader. Accordingly he started his journey with his concubine. He helped them by putting Lt. Col. Chandran in between. When they crossed Puthukudiyiruppu and came to Teravil area, the Indian soldiers who were lurking there broke their promise and sneakily attacked Jhonny, in which he died a heroic death. The Indian army killed one of the main commanders of the LTTE and raided the leader’s residence.

When the Indian army got to know the leader’s location, they said “checkmate”. The leader realized that the Indian Army’s next offensive would begin in a few weeks. At that time there were very few freedom fighters in Manalaru. Additional fighters were hurriedly summoned to Manalaru, favorable locations for fighting were explored and preparations were made. At the same time, the leader was thinking day and night about how to face the thousands of Indian army with a few hundred fighters.

One morning the leader got up early and went straight to the camp of the Army Technical Division and called Raju and Mani (Basilan) and told them about the pedal bomb that appeared in his mind and gave orders to make it. Accordingly, a hole was made in the front part of a board 6 inches long, 3 inches wide and 2 inches high in a circle 2 inches wide and one and a half inches deep. Explosives were filled in it. Then a small hole was made under it and a detonator was installed. The wire of the detonator was attached to two pan-roch batteries and a hole was made at the back of the detonator up and down to make the battery watertight. Now after cutting a plank in the quarter inch block and combing the back side obliquely, a hollow bal rinn was cut to a quarter inch width lengthwise on the lower side of the front section and nailed to a wire. (If you don’t understand see the image of the pedal bomb.)

A plate was placed at the bottom. After that, it was fixed with a rubber band in the same way as a “Keraapple”. (Batteries will be fitted only after all these works are completed.) This is the mechanism which may seem normal to some people. It caused huge damage to the enemy that day. After several stages of testing, the pedal bomb got its final shape. The parts were made in parts and then put together and everyone contributed to the complete production.

The leader gave the name of Jhonny as the reason for that landmine. Then when we were ready to bury the landmine, we faced a big problem. That is, because the landmine is V, when buried in the ground, the soil enters the gap and when the enemy steps on it, the upper part also falls. The lower part will also be blocked. When that happens, the current is interrupted.

When everyone was confused, the solution came from the leader. While burying the bomb in the ground, they put it in a polythene bag, put the air-filled bag in the mouth and suck the air slowly and then tie a knot to it and bury it in the soil. By giving instructions for this, night by night the paths of the army were buried everywhere.

Unaware that a death pit had been cut for him, the Indian Army launched a military operation to eliminate the leader named “Operation Pavan”.

Even though this action lasted for years like 1,2,3, they did not do what they thought. But the Indian soldiers who were following in the footsteps of Jhonny lost their feet in hundreds. In military terms, injuring someone in war has a greater psychological impact than killing someone. Their death knell would destroy the intelligence of the fighting army and slow down the pace of fighting.

On that day, the Indian army was reduced to pieces and panicked by this Jhonny pedal bomb. The military personality of the leader of the day stood guard against the struggle. Later in the day, the pedal bomb was modernized and caused great damage to the enemy.

The leader’s personality and ethics were unimpeded in all fields during the freedom struggle!

Jhonny Pedal bomb of the leader and Operation Pavan of the Indian Army.


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