It is a village located on the eastern coast of Amparai district in the east of Tamileelam. It was called Karaitheevu because there was a river running around this village and it was full of karai trees in earlier times. It was badly affected by Tsunami in 2004. About 2000 people are said to have died.

The name of the town Karaitheevu is found in some other places in Sri Lanka. Karaitheevu of Jaffna has been renamed as Karainagar. Another Karaitheevu is in Puttalam district. Located 36 kilometers south of Batticaloa, Karaitheevu is also known as “Karaerutheevu Karaeru Solai”. However, the name Karaitheevu is popular. This is also the birthplace of Swami Vibulanantha. Although this place is known as Karaitheevu, it is not an island. Perhaps it has once been an island. It is also known as ‘Kareru Muthoor’ and is also known as ‘Kaarkatha Velalarrin Theevu”. This village is the proud home of spiritual saints like Swami Vibulanantha, Swami Natarajanantha, Siddhanaikutty Siddhar and Shivach Siddhar.

Karaitheevu is one of the two most important areas in Amparai district that has a very important continental ecosystem. Its forest, beauty, flora, trees, animals and birds are unique. It is a forest of wonders that holds only kinnai trees. Karaitheevu with its rich in sea and land, is a town with a history of worshiping Kannagi Amman.

In the struggle of Tamileelam, Karaitheevu has sacrificed many people. Karaitheevu stands majestically having produced many maveerars, warriors, spiritual leaders, scholars, creators and artists.

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– Vaddakachchi

– Vinoth

(Correction by Tamilpriya)


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