The Black Sea Tiger of the LTTE, Laxman the “Explosive”. An Appropriate name for a man of his stature.

The Black Sea Tiger of the LTTE, Laxman the “Explosive”. An Appropriate name for a man of his stature.

Laxman, who received his military training at the Jaffna “Manianthottam – 2” Training camp, experienced his first battle on the field during the attack on the Jaffna Fort Sri Lankan Army Camp. After that, labelled hero by many, Laxman waged battle on all the camps of the Sinhalese invaders like Mankulam, Silavathurai, Elephant Pass, Manalaru, Karainagar and Palali. In Thachankaadu, (part of Sri Lankan Force’s Main Camp of Palali), in an attack that attempted to breach the police station, gunshots had pierced the bones of Laxman’s hands and split his mouth. Though many will say, even when he speaks with his mouth pulled to one side and wrinkled with flesh missing, there is a beauty behind it.

When the enemy moved to Pandatharippu, Laxman lost his leg in battle. In the operation named “Palavegaya – 2” of Elephant Pass area, when the military action started, he ran to Elephant Pass with his false leg. He was sent back by the commander instead of going into battle. The Navy trained Tiger, carried the desire to make the highest sacrifice that a citizen can make for his motherland without a second’s thought. For that occasion, he spent many days penance in the deep sea. On the chessboard – A chess player who leads his army wisely, besieges and defeats the opponent is worthy of being labelled a veteran.      In the dangerous Seas off the shores of the motherland, as a Black Tiger, Laxman destroyed and drowned the enemy’s ‘King of the Sea’. Laxman is one of the sailors trained by Thalapathy (Warrior) Charles in the “Aseer” training camp. When that brave Captain perished on the battlefield of Kilali sea, these Black Tiger cubs (his comrades) grew up in his arms.

They searched all over the sea for our enemy to burn to ashes. Even after destroying the ‘Suppadora’ in Point Pedro, the deep wound in his heart never healed.In Silavathurai, the students who graduated from the training college “Aseer” started in memory of the Commander Charles. In a straight clash head on with the enemy, they achieved a feat by killing the ship “Sagavardhana”. Laxman was naturally intelligent; his train of thought was about all things common. Laxman is a person who has the initiative and effort to know about everything mankind has discovered in this world.

Because of that passion – He scrutinizes everything. ‘Pranavan’ is his birth name, born on the 05.07.1974. His birthplace, Nallur, is the old empire of the Sankiliyan king. He studied at Stanley College of Jaffna. Cricket was one his favorite sport so when he’d go to bed at home, you’d find him with a bat and ball. Even though Laxman was injured in battle in Pandatharippu and lost literally an arm (paralysed) and a leg (mutilated) due to a foot grenade, he would still get into the sea and slowly swim around the shoulders of his companions. After a while, he would be able swim on his own for a distance of 5 nautical miles.

Laxman was a great rower. We were amazed at the skills he had acquired in such a short period of time, even more than those with long experience. He was said to be one of the best oarsmen among Naval Tigers. No matter what, he will fit into his hands a boat of any shape and size. As Laxman’s boat roars and rips through the water and chases the enemy’s boat at breakneck speed, the enemy runs headlong, unable to hold on. As he speeds up the boat, the boat lurches to the side – a splash of water. To increase the engine power to its maximum use, the boat will gain tremendous speed – the wave will tear and give way – The sea will part. He laughs happily, his puckered mouth puckering even more. Even on the dusky blue background, It is a sight to admire.

Black Tiger Laxman’s concern is not to let his attacking target become less important. Laxman shared with us that longing he had as a Black Tiger hero. One evening when the sailors reported that the opportunity for the long-sought big goal was coming to the sea, Laxman was leaving to attend in his beloved sister’s “Poopunitha Neeratu” (“Coming of Age” Ceremony) event. The beloved sister, especially given the importance of the event, kept waiting for her brother to come; given the lifestyle he lives, he knows he may not see her again.But then again, the motherland; the people of land who lay aside like corpses; our Sea; under the rule of the enemy; a sought-after goal an opportunity not to be missed.

Even without him, other players were ready to bat. But he easily resolved the dilemma. He prepared the boat and lowered it into the sea. A good time…a good time for the enemy and his sister – the enemy escaped because the weather was not favorable and other reasons came in the way. The next day when the commander knew the news, he chased him out and sent Laxman home. Similarly, another day, another goal, another preparation, another sister’s “Poopunitha Neeratu” event. Again the same dilemma – In the short interval before departure – Laxman ran home, was one with everyone, hugged and kissed his beloved sister and said Goodbye…..and with that, forever gone.

Black Sea Tiger of the LTTE, Laxman

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