In the 1980s he served in the Jaffna Hindu College Regiment and later he was working in a bank in Colombo. He as Radha brother. It was his nickname and his real name was Kanagasabapathy Harischandra. In 1983 he fully associated himself with the LTTE after the ethnic problems in Sri Lanka.

Ponnamman’s division in LTTE and the training of the Hindu College Regiment made Radha brother the best martial arts teacher in the movement. Radha brother returned home after training hundreds of fighters, including several leading commanders. He became the commander of Mannar District after the death of Commander Vikram. And he also became commander of Jaffna District after Kiddu brother was wounded in the leg.

The LTTE’s anti-aircraft brigade leader named the brigade “The Radha Air Force Brigade” in memory of Radha brother, who at the time was an expert in operating anti-aircraft machine guns in the LTTE.

On 14-01-1987, Radha brother, who was the leading commander at the time, smashed a “Powell” armored vehicle from South Africa with a landmine, which shocked world military experts.

Radha brother, who took over as the Jaffna Regional Commander, in a short time he attacked several camps such as the Kurumbacity Army Camp, the Mayiliyadana Army Camp and the Kankesanthurai Army Camp and amassed many victories. Radha brother was a mobile fighter from the university and he was talented on many fronts and was a pioneering guide for all war commanders.

On 20-05-1987, during a battle with the at Valalai, Radha brother was shut down during a counter-attack while attacking a helicopter. The third “Lieutenant Colonel” position in the movement was given to Radha brother.


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