Muthu was born on 15.01.1947,

Muthu was born on 15.01.1947, at Simmach forest area near Aranthangi town in Pudukkottai district, in Tamil Nādu. Muthu was working in a restaurant in Keeranur village in Pudukkottai. He passed away at a tender age of 18-year-old on 27.01.1965  Our Muthu passed away with a heavy heart, whispering his final words; “will Hindi flourish by perishing Tamil”.

There were two letters left on his departed body, one was written to the Chief Minister of that Era, condemning the imposition of Hindi within the indigenous lands of Tamil people and another letter was written to Arignar Anna ( Conjeevaram Natarajan Annadurai) to strive for the development & preservation of the Tamil language & identity.


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