Ondi veeran

Ondi veeran (translated literally means; lone warrior) was a Tamil commander-in-chief who was also skilled in espionage & intelligence gathering to King Pulithevar of Nerkattumseval, whose kingdom falls under the Sankarankovil taluk (township) in Tenkasi District of (modern day) Tamil Nadu.

When Pulithevar refused to pay tribute to the Nawab of Arcot, Colonel Heron of the occupying British empire in support of the Nawab of Arcot, led a large invading army and set up camp in the south side of Nerkattumseval mountains in 1755.

Ondi Veeran, skilled in espionage headed towards the camp of the Nawab’s & British camp alone and while gathering intelligence on the invading army during that day, he lost one of his hands. However, Ondi-veeran went on to participate in the battles at Nerkattumseval, Tirunelveli, kalakad, Gangaikondan, Vasudevanallur and Srivilliputhu.

During a fierce battle against the army led by khan sahib (a formal title given to the enforcers of the occupying British army) Yusuf khan, a commonly accepted historical timeline was that Ondi-veeran lost his life on that battle in the year of 1767.

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