The habit of eating fruit juice of Palandamizhar

The habit of eating fruit juice of Palandamizhar

Palanjoru, one of the traditional food of Tamils, has become something that many people have forgotten or don’t want to remember. Palanjoor is now seen by many upper class people as the food of villagers or poor people. There is a tendency to look down on Palanchoru Unden or look at him as uncivilized among us today, especially among those who like western food, among the city dwellers, and among the rich. One of the fermented foods is palanjoru, which is a food that is boiled in water on the first day and eaten the next day. Our people do this to prevent wasting of cooked rice.

Fermentation is one of the oldest food technology methods for preparing food products and preserving them from spoilage. However, it is a matter of concern that fruit juice, which has been a strong side for the health of our ancestors for hundreds of years, has unfortunately become a food that has gone unnoticed by today’s generation who are enjoying fast food. However, even today, many villagers, people who live in the city but still maintain the countryside, especially those who work in the fields, gardeners, fishermen and other workers, regardless of age, gender, social status, religion, have the custom of eating oatmeal as their breakfast. They have or have made it their habit to drink fruit juice.

It seems that many people see this as the food of the poor or the needy as the workers eat more fruit. In fact, it is known through literature that Palanjoru was the food of the Palanthami people for hundreds of years. When Nakkirar, who was a close friend of Perunj Sathan, known as Nodungai Venmal, son of Bidavur Kihan, the chief of the farming community in Bidavur, Cholanath, sings of his hospitality. “Palanchorata Bhugarundin A cloud of smoke Pull up the sickle From Avinnelly Nariyalarundu He sings the glory of Palanjot saying “Manaikozhip baimbairinne” (Puram – 395). In the same way, when Iyur Mudavanar, a close friend of the Chola king named Killi Valavan, who was a close friend of the Chola king, who was swimming in a pond, sings about the fame of Daman Tharhikkon, the chief of the hill town called Tharchimalai.

“Paljanchoru Ailum Gungunneir Padapak Kavirik Ghilavan Maya Nallisaik Killi Valavan will be inside him I went and went and looked elsewhere He mentions about the fruit fly that “Nedungakali baithi vidumeen noduthu” (Puram 399). Similarly, the word Palanjoru is found in the record Tiruengoi Malai Eshupadu sung by Nakkeeradeva Nayanar in the eleventh cycle. “The Fruit Valley of Climate Cancer Spouse’s knot – eater Engoye holding a numeral, on red Mount Ganga” However, although the word palanjoru is found here, it is noteworthy that Nakkeer is not referring to the palanjoru that we eat, but the putanj choto found in the snake’s stomach. Similarly Ambalavanak Kavirayar sang Chathuragiri Arapalisura Sathagam “Balakab Palvarung who kills wrists Karark karanda white milk “Mushroom Murangaisurai Kommadi Palanjoru” he sings about Palanjoru. Thus, the results of contemporary research about Palanjoru, which is celebrated in old literature and by the Palandamis, are the Tamils’ Palanjoru eating habits. Proclaim that there is. Lactic acid bacteria working in rice breaks down the anti-nutritional factors found in rice and increases the amount of mineral salts such as sodium, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium that our body can absorb without any problem.

The results of the research done in the past show that. Thus, when these bacteria work, they also produce large amounts of vitamins B6 and B12. The bacteria that work in such fruit juice protect us from stomach and intestinal related diseases. Also, studies show that Selenin, an ingredient found in fruit juice, promotes the activity of the thyroid gland and prevents diseases like kandamala. A company called American Nutrition Association has published its conclusion after conducting a long study on fruit juice. According to their research, due to the high amount of fiber in the fruit, it prevents constipation and relieves body fatigue. It is also said that by eating fruit juice, high blood pressure, allergy problems, stomach ulcers are corrected, immunity increases and new infections do not occur, and it gives a youthful appearance and glow. Elderly people in our town who are still in good health say that the reason for their good physical and mental health is the habit of eating fruit juice. Meanwhile, many of the younger generation today are suffering from infectious diseases such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol due to their improper diet. Therefore, the habit of eating fruit juice, which is the best health food known by modern scholars and the experience of our forefathers, should be encouraged in our younger generation. Recover Karaikavi Kandiya Padmanathan


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