Patriot Kittinan Sivanesan

Patriot Kittinan Sivanesan

Mamanithar Kittinan Sivanesan

Tamileelam Jaffna District

Birth: 21-01-1957

Death: 06-03-2008

A great man who deeply loved the land and people of Tamileelam. Mr. Kittinan Sivanesan was killed in a claymore bomb attack carried out by the Sri Lankan government on March 6, 2008 at 1:20 pm in Kanagarayankulam of ​​Vanni. Sivanesan’s driver Periyannan Maheswararajah was also killed in the attack.

In this regard, the statement issued by the national leader of Tamileelam V. Prabhakaran on that day:

Chief Secretariat, Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam, Tamileelam. 07.03.2008.

Today Sinhala has destroyed a great man who deeply loved the land and people of Tamileelam. This planned genocide has occurred at the height of the dimension of Tamil genocide. This cruelty has been staged in Vanni as an ugly form of Sinhalese state terrorism. Mr. Kittinan Sivanesan was a unique person who acted with integrity and courage without regard for self-interest. A simple man with a high spirit. A saintly politician. He worked tirelessly day in and day out for the welfare and development of the workers. A gentleman who treats everyone with kindness and courtesy. He made the liberation of Tamileelam and the liberation of the people of Tamileelam as the ideal of his life. He is eager for the Tamil people to live in freedom, dignity and peace in their own homeland, without sufferings and dangers. He deeply loved Tamileelam. He longed to see that land blossom into a free nation. He was a great liberation worker who came to life in this pulse and fully accepted our liberation movement and its political ideal and the path of struggle we have set to achieve it.

Carrying the great responsibility of Parliament to represent the people, he wandered around the world and sought justice for our national liberation struggle. He created awareness among the people and mobilized people to support our struggle. He clearly pointed out to the world and the media the injustices and atrocities committed by the Sinhalese government and its occupying forces in our land. He bravely fought against injustice despite the brutality of the Sinhalese forces. His contribution to the liberation struggle of Tamileelam despite hard work and action is immense.

I am proud to present Kittinan Sivanesan with the highest national award of “Mamanithar” in recognition of his patriotism and his liberation work. Death never destroys noble men who lived for the ideal of truth. They will live forever in the soul of our nation as historical heroes.

Sivanesan, Member of Parliament was born on 21.01.1957 in Karavetti, Jaffna. He did his primary education at Karavetti Eastern Government Tamil Kalavan School and did his G.O.E. higher education in Science Department at Nelliyadi Madhya Maha Vidyalaya, Jaffna.

After completing his higher education in co-operatives, from 1988 to 1990, he served as the accountant of the Jaffna District Palm Coconut Development Cooperative Association and from 1991 to 1995, he served as the General Manager of the Association. After that, he worked as the General Manager of Northern Region Palm Coconut Development Cooperative Societies from 1996-2004. In the parliamentary elections held in Sri Lanka in April 2004, he contested in the Udupitti constituency in Jaffna district on behalf of the Sri Lankan Tamil Republic Party and was elected as a Member of Parliament with many votes. He and his family, who used to live in Karavetti, Jaffna, were unable to live there due to the brutality of the soldiers and moved to Vanni shortly before the closure of the A9 road and lived in Mallavi.

Sivanesan, who fully accepted the Tamileelam Liberation Struggle led by the national leader of Tamileelam, loved the leader, the fighters and the people as much as his own life and worked till his last breath with the aura and unwavering belief that the ideal of Tamileelam should be born in the era of national leader Prabhakaran. He was involved in the sacred work of mobilizing the Tamil people behind the national liberation struggle both at home and abroad. He traveled to many countries in Europe and met many parliamentarians and diplomats in their respective countries. He was a wonderful man who worked for the liberation of the Tamil nation despite the long-standing threats of the Sri Lankan forces and paramilitary groups against him. Sivanes is a liberal with love, character, sense of duty, honesty, and personality.

(Correction by Tamilpriya)


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