Patriot Masilamani Kanagarethinam

Patriot Masilamani Kanagarethinam

Batticaloa District


Born: 25-01-1950

Died: 13-05-1988

This is not a story, but a record of the history of Tamil treason. This is not just an incident, it is an incident with the raised voices of people.

When we writes his memories Mr. Kanagarethinam´s smiling face comes to mind.

He came to Batticaloa Teachers College in 1982 in Jamaka Jamaka (125). Following the Sri Lanka-India agreement made in 1987, Indian troops also came to the motherland. Together with them, the EPRLF, TELO, ENDLF and PLOT groups who were working with the Sinhalese Army had unleashed their brutality and anarchy on the motherland.

The arrival of the Indian Army and their war against the LTTE made the Tamil people very vulnerable. The Batticaloa District Mother Front started a hunger strike demanding that the Indian Army’s war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) should be stopped.

Annai Poopathi was fasting till death because the Indian army who had come to Tamileelam from the birthplace of Gandhi, which is said to be the birthplace of non-violent struggle, failed to respect the non-violent struggle. Kanagarethinam was one of the organizers of this non-violent struggle. Due to this, the EPRLF gang and Indian soldiers who went to Kanagarethinam’s house shot him dead. In 24 days after Annai Poopathi’s self-sacrifice, we lost Mr. Kanagarethinam in the first extermination led by E.P.R.L.F.

During the time of Sinhalese Army, these people who worked for the people through the people’s committee system did not face any threat, but it was because of these gangs that our educationists were threatened and destroyed. Mr. Kanagarethinam, within 38 years of his life, he has the distinction of impressing his superiors, peers, and even his juniors. He was loved by everyone from the elders to the little ones for his selfless nature and personality. Today is his memorial day.

He has the versatility to successfully complete any task he undertakes. Whether it’s a small favor or a big job involving multiple people, he always gets it done. It’s not in his dictionary to say he can’t make excuses. Another characteristic of his is that he is always ready to help anyone. Despite his many hardships, he would not turn away anyone who asked for ‘help’.

It is worth recalling here that he worked as the secretary of the Batticaloa Citizens’ Committee and as the organizer of the Arayambati Peace Committee, and in all the critical stages, he respected his life.

The patriot Kanagarethinam, who played an important role in the development of the freedom struggle in the beginning and was fondly called Master by the freedom fighters, did many works for the town and the community. He was highly respected by Generals Aruna, Pottu Amman, Kumarappa, Ramanan and Thalapathy Regan and worked with them.

A great man who hailed from the villages of Katankudi and Arayambadi, who acted to avoid massive calamities through his mission of peace between the two communities when the Tamil-Muslim conflict was at its peak.

He helped a lot both personally and through the above organizations who came as refugees due to ethnic conflicts. The noble work he did for the Tamil and Muslim races is still remembered and still lives with gratitude.

In the year 1988, the EPRLF group started the destruction of educational deer by the same group in Batticaloa in 2005. Mr. Joseph Pararajasingham, who was the last political leader in Batticaloa, was gunned down in the church. He took up arms for the liberation of the people, but the same weapon destroys the people and educationists and then why do they want to dominate the politics?

We are remembering the loss of Mr. Kanagarethinam. A dear and honorable public servant. It has been 33 years now. We are still waiting for judgment as humanitarians. Mr. Kanagarethinam will always live in people. This is a living gift that does not perish.

  • Friend of Tamils
  • From Arayampathi

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