Poompuhar – Tamil coastal city of 11500 years ago.

Poompuhar – Tamil coastal city of 11500 years ago.


Poompuhar – Kaveri Poompattidam. The capital of the ancient Cholar. When learning about this city in the school, they only told this as a sea that is extinct. Knowing the facts of how this city was, and how the people’s lifestyle was, shows that we Tamils are the forerunner of all the world’s civilizations and we are the forerunner of all the languages.

The study revealed that Poompuhar, the capital of Cholar has been around 11500 years ago near the present city Nagai. It is the largest port and the market for world trade.

Literatures including Silappathiharam, Pattinapalai and Manimekalai are admired about the city.

The city was destroyed by the tsunami 2000 years ago. The Indian Deep Sea Research Institute has stopped investigating the city due to lack of money. It is not known whether it was planned. (Tamils have the right to think in that way.)

Graham Hancock from England has personally analyzed the city Poompuhar and the city Thuvarka on the coast of Gujarat (west of Mumbai). He published a video called “Underworld: Flooded Kingdoms Of The Ice Age”. The video says the city Poompuhar is still found in the underwater with still stones, human bones, households, utensils, horsepower toys. All the results of these research were published in 2002. To this day, no one cares about it.

What research have we Tamils done about ourselves?

Will the Government of Tamil Nadu carry out this research?

(Correction by Tamilpriya.)



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