Born in Chundikuli, Tamil Eelam, in 1886, R Muthiah

Born in Chundikuli, Tamil Eelam, in 1886, R Muthiah made significant contributions by inventing the Tamil typewriter and developing the technology necessary for typing in Tamil. Ramalingam, the father of R Muthiah, followed in the literary footsteps as a disciple of the renowned novelist, Arumuga. Orphaned at a young age, Muthiah pursued his college education through the support of his relatives before relocating to Malaya, where he initially found employment in the railway department.

In the course of his employment at a celebrated trading post, Muthiah pursued and learned mathematics, economics, shorthand, and typewriting. Immersing himself in Tamil and English literature, and religious works, Muthiah’s unwavering commitment and effectiveness, sparked the idea of creating a Tamil typewriter, mirroring the functionality of the English version. Faced with the colossal task of creating every Tamil word for the typewriter, his belief and tireless dedication and discipline rightfully positioned him as the father of the Tamil typewriter.

A committed social activist, Muthiah was in the process of compiling and documenting the state sponsored ethnic cleansing riots against Tamils in Sri Lanka, Ceylon island during his final years, but sadly, he died before his accounts could be brought to light. We honor Muthiah’s extraordinary achievement in inventing the Tamil typewriter, a milestone that has brought immense pride to the Tamil language and the Tamil community worldwide.


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