Rasendran was born on 16th July 1947

Rasendran was born on 16th July 1947 to the couple; Muthu Kumar who worked as a police officer in Sivaganga district found in the southern part of Tamil Nādu and Valli mayil. Rasendran, actively participated in stopping Hindi imposition within Tamil Nādu by the Central government of India, while studying at Chidambaram Annamalai University.

On 27th January, 1965, when more than 3000 students from various universities marched towards Chidambaram to protest against the Hindi imposition, the police department intercepted them without any prior warning and started indiscriminately firing upon the students. The government approved violent repression by the police force, resulted in Rasendran being hit on the forehead by a stray bullet and he died at the tender age of 18.

A statue of Rasendran pointing towards the direction of the march was erected by the students of Annamalai University campus to commemorate that faithful day.


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