Formation of the first Sea Tigers Underwater Swimming Unit Team:

During 1985, two couples from Singapore were brought for underwater swimming training at a specially constructed location near the Golden Beach in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Colonel Shankar was appointed as the supervisor for this training. 42 freedom fighters, including Keppaiya, Karunanidhi, Selva, Sulojan, Ithiraranjan, Anton, S.P. Durai, Gangai Amaran, Tavakumar, Reginold, Ananthakumar, Princely, Vigkinam, were given hard training for three months.

Later they were assigned to the Mallipattinam LTTE camp and involved in major projects. At the same time, they also engaged in continuous training from time to time. In 1986, while a plan was made to attack and destroy the gunboats stationed at the camp of the Sri Lankan Navy in the Karainagar area of ​​Jaffna, the final phase of the underwater swimming training was completed in the months of September and October 1986, and the first attack was planned to take place on October 31st at 11:30 p.m.

Sulojan, Princely and Selva from the underwater swimming unit were selected and under the coordination and leadership of Commander Colonel Kiddu. Brigadier Soosai, Senthil, David and some others made all arrangements and the attack was carried out. Unfortunately, in fair weather, the Sri Lankan army spotted the freedom fighters when they saw bubbles coming out of the oxygen cylinders of all three.

When the enemy saw the attempt to destroy the gunboats with bombs, they took off hand grenades and threw them into the water. In a very difficult situation, the freedom fighter Selva came to their rescue after suffering a lot. It is noteworthy that when he reached the shore, his oxygen cylinders and swimming goggles were damaged.

For the first time in the history of the LTTE’s struggle, this attempt to attack the camp of the Sri Lanka Navy was recorded as the first event that started the first chapter that we could go into the enemy’s fort and attack even if we were not successful. In the past, in the name of Sulojan, who became maveeran, the “Sulojan Underwater Swimming Unit” of the sea tigers was formed and the world was amazed by conducting many successful attacks and creating a history of struggle.


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