In the northern province of Sri Lanka, Jaffna, many houses were surrounded by wells, trees, and plants.  Beyond these you can reach the main entrance of the house. The gate used to enter the house from the street is called “Padalai” there.  Passerbys on the streets will sit down and cool by some houses that have platforms on both sides of the gates and roofs on top.  This is known as “Sangappadalai” or “Shangadappadalai”.

In the early days, the Sangappadalai was made up of Leaves of coconut tree.

and sticks woven. Later it was laid with tiles and cement.  There is a custom of placing water in an earthenware pot along with the Sangap Padalai and a vase near it.  Due to the war that took place there and the attitude of leaving the old for new, such associations have mostly died out.  How long will the unions here and there last?

It is a shame that we have not continued many things our ancestors did for the benefit of others without expecting any benefit, and we are unable to preserve even what they left behind!


In Jaffna, from “Alavetti” to “Ambanai”, the house with Sangappadalai is still visible.


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