Siddha medicine

Siddha medicine is a Tamil medical system.  It was created by the ancient Siddhars.  The Siddhas are aware of it by their grace and wisdom and have stated it very accurately.  It is not possible to define when ayurvedic treatments formed. It has spread and passed on generation to generation through the culture and tradition.

Ayurvedic Medice uses innumerable herbs such as grass, plant, vine, root, bark, leaf, flower, fruit, seed, etc. Minerals found in nature; Navaratnam, navaloham, Rasam, Sulfur, Camphor, Tar, Ayam, Coral etc. conch, palaharai, crab, etc., for various ailments such as thrips, trisadhi, triphalai, type, phospham, centurion, tablet, bandages, powders, baths, tinctures, etc.  It is a medical system made up of many types of water (sea water, drinking water), milk, honey, sugar, ghee, etc., and vegetable oils such as coconut, pomegranate, sorghum, neem, sesame etc.

Ayurvedic medicine does not just stop with itself.  To practice in Ayurvedic Medicine, one must learn all the aspects of physics, religion, astrology, panchapatti, medicine, medical properties, etc., which are the best in ayurvedic medicine.  There is evidence from the books written during the Sangam Period called “Sithar Naadi Nool 18” (a script is attached in tamil translation.


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