Tamileelam National sports Administrative Structures & Its Activities

All the district based sports events will be implemented by way of district level sports organizers, at the beginning all the sports events of the division shall be held under the guidance of the sports coordinating committee consisting of 7 members at divisional level from every district.

Divisional sports teams will be formed based on the divisional level performance of the sports events. These teams will participate in their district level sports events. District level sports events shall be held by the participation of these divisional level sports teams.

District events will be guided by a district organizing committee consisting of district level sports events shall be held. After this, National level sports shall take place. Before national level events training camps, workshops & lectures necessary for district teams shall be held.

National level sports events
A National sports organizing committee shall be formed from the members of district sports teams. This committee is responsible for planning, organizing and implementing National level sports events and other projects as well one sports coordinator shall be appointed under sports incharge to supervise & organizing sports events. According to sports incharge will act as a director of sports department.

Administrative Structure of sports committee
1. Sports Sector Incharge
2. Sports Sector Coordinator
3. National Sports Organizing Committee
4. District Sports Incharge
5. District Sports Department Committee
6. Divisional Sports Organizing Committee
7. Sports Clubs & Organizations.


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