A lost musical instrument of Tamil A musical instrument played by Tamils ​​6000 years ago

A lost musical instrument of Tamil A musical instrument played by Tamils ​​6000 years ago The music is sweet and haunts the listener Aging in nature. In ancient Tamil Nadu, music originated in the hunting society, but it was the productive society that led to the development of music. Generally, the instruments used to produce music are classified as stringed instruments, stringed instruments, stringed instruments, and percussion instruments.

Among these Yazhe, a stringed instrument, was the first musical instrument played by Tamils. The primordial instrument responsible for the development of the nervous system is the harp. It was named Yala because it was shaped like the head of an ancient animal called Yali. The device completely disappeared The evolved veena plays a leading role today. At this stage Restoration of Yajn is a must. Hence, the appearance, form – type of the tiger is its Evolution is to see the social background of its extinction etc Purpose of this article.

Appearance of Yah: One of the tools in use in the hunting community was the bow. The original reason for the creation of the yaj is the music produced when the arrow travels from the string wound on the bow. This villa blossomed into a paradise. Pathirappattu is said to have first appeared in the Mullai area of ​​Villarreal itself, but it appeared in the Kurinji area Yatu is relevant. Because Hunting industry is only in Kurinji land Held abundantly. This villa blossomed into a multi-faceted lotus due to the effort and labor of man.

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Today we do not have enough sculptures or paintings to know the exact shape of the Yah. Sangha literatures such as Purananooru, Kalidiyya, Paribadal and Aartuppa texts, Thirukkural and Silapathikaram, Perungatha, Sivakasintamani etc. News about Jaffa also found place in devotional works. However, the varieties of yah are known as Periyal, Seriyal, Makarayal, Chakodayal To know its shape unless it ends could not Perumpanathera (3-16 ft.) ‘Inside like a flower split in two, the eyes in the palm tree As the hole, the connected difference is fused together A blanket like an add-on, an inside like a water-soaked stomach darkened inside, a tongueless mouth split like a crescent moon. Part, cast like the forearm of a curving woman, long stem like a sapphire, veined like gilt. Jaffna by saying ‘Jaffna’ The appearance is partially visible in the mind’s eye.

When looking at the types of yah, vilyah, periyah (21 nerves), seriyah (9 nerves), were in the Sanga period, Makaraya (17 (a) 19 nerves), Sakodaya (14 (a) 16 nerves) and Sengottu (7 nerves) in the Kapiya period. Gallader (AD 9- 1st century) in his book Naradaya, He mentions Tumburuyal, Geesagayal, Madhyayal (Devayal) etc. Satan Kulam A. Iragavan has mentioned 24 types of Yazh in his book ‘Isaiyum Yazhum’. Evolution of Jupiter: which appeared to be a stroke of the bow Villayal was first in the land of Kurinji Although it appeared, it eventually became the property of all the four lands namely Mullai, Marutham, Neythal and Balai. To play the Yajna The existence of a group called ‘Panar’ can be known through literature. Jaffna Though their occupation was salvage, they were divided into three categories namely, Jaffna, Musicians, and Mandaipans. in it Jaffnaar is divided into perumpanar and surupanar based on the harp played.

The Tamils ​​gave priority to the music that arose from Yazhin. That’s why the lyre has a thousand strings, starting with one string, three, five, seven… formed In the beginning about the format Capricorn of some periods, though not laborious. Various types of lyres such as chengode appeared. Thus Jaffna AD 9th It grew into many varieties over the centuries. After this a couple of differences in form It evolved into a veena. That veena is still at the top of the music world. Social Background of Disappearance

of Jaffna:

Panars who play the harp Two Sangamanas in name itself Since the emergence of Jaffna and The value of food can be known. Those books show that the kings used to admire and respect the Panars. The harp has been an instrument played while singing. Circulation among common people At one time there was Jaffa Deified and worshiped.

The lyre is the only musical instrument found in the Sangam literature and earlier copies. But in the pious age Yahu and its evolution Veena They were seen together in the songs of Manika Vaasakar like ‘Eeisai Jaffa, Veenai Muralakanden’ and ‘Pannodi Ya’ Veenai Payilnai Pobori’. But in AD 9 The 19th-century Sivaka Chintamani’s ‘Veena Eena Yaya Yum Pathum (730 feet)’ is accompanied by the rhythmic and melodious rhythm of the lute. Music itself gives meaning to veena. Also, ‘Vellimalai Velikannalai Shiva won the Veena (730 feet)’. The author who wrote the text of Adi has mentioned that Shiva defeated the Gandharva Datta by living and singing. Therefore, To know that the harp was denoted as veena and later developed as a separate musical instrument ends Also, Jaffna The musical instrument had an influence on the people Another piece of music from that era The reason for the appearance of the instrument Veena worthy of study.

Aryans during the Sangam period Domination has begun. Aryans have their own language, books, Deities, customs, They created art. of Tamil Embrace the culture, They made them their own. Bharatanatyam, Kanikaiyar is the perfect proof of that Home-grown Bharatanatyam, in a period The art of the Aryans belongs to the teachers transformed into art. A waste It was created that way. of Tamil The primary instrument is the yalin From the shape of Veena Make a musical instrument They made it their own. That spread throughout South India.of Veena Put divinity on it They set it up as belonging to the gods. A particular veena Group read only They created the situation. of the Aryans Dominance and development of the Tamils A master of musical instruments They have completely destroyed Yazhin. This Our musical instrument in position Through Yahina literature To recall or recall A necessary one.


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