Tamil Eelam Army Scientist Colonel Rayu

Colonel Rayu is the last fallen hero from a long list of heroes. Ponnamman, Vasu, and Joni gave practical advice to Prabhakaraniyam’s military with technical strategic thinking. There can be no dispute that force determines the order of this world. In Nandikadal, there is a clear idea that nationalities can maintain their rights only by standing on equal footing with the powerful world order and devising bargaining power. At one point the next step is calling for the abolition of that world order.

NandiKadal lays out clear military strategic thinking before the warring nations on how to dismantle a world order maintained by massive military technological resources, especially nuclear might. One of its steps is to reintroduce bioweapons. Although suicide attacks have already been introduced globally, no one has theorized it. And there was a lot of confused reasoning about the purpose, sacrifice, dedication and methods of those talkutas. This is the primary reason why their sacrifice has become internalized in the lobby of the global terrorist states.

Nandikadal says that it is only by theorizing the sacrifices and commitments that they can make meaningful moves toward liberation by penetrating the state terror agenda. ‘Nandikadal’ says that sacrifice of life is an inevitable part of the struggle of nationalities who are surrounded and hunted by the lobbies of institutionalized organizational scientists with weapons of mass destruction in the guise of the government, with ultra-modern scientific and technological intelligence networks.

Colonel RaJu correctly predicted the amount of sulfur carried by ‘living weapons’ and established its ultimate use. Colonel Rayu is a strategic form of Prabhakaraniyam’s military technology thinking, where a small nation rids the world of nuclear weapons, creates a new world order in terms of military technology and liberates nationalities. This is how history will remember him.

Tamil Eelam Army Scientist Colonel Rayu


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