Tamil land divisions

Kurinji, Mullai, Marutham, Balai and Neithal are the Tamil land divisions.

The hill and hilly place are Kurinji, Forest and forest land is Mullai, the waste land between these two was called Palai, the field and the land belonging to the field are Marutham, the ocean and sea-based space were called Neithal. These were not simply classifications based on nature but were based on people’s lifestyles.

Discipline is discipline. Introspection is introspection. An outlier is an outlier. Internal songs in Tamil are divided into five categories. This distinction is centered on five types of sub-disciplines.

Punartal, sustaining oneself when your partner is separated from you, you feel in sadness. Mourning when your partner left you in the inner part, sorrowing for the one who went to sea. These do not cause fainting. So based on the unfathomable theme, you can consider what song is placed in which category. This is Tamil norm.

See; Agathinay – Purathinay, Explanation of Thinay.


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