Tamileelam National Identity Card Form

National Identity Card Division, Registration Department, Tamileelam.

Application for our Kovai Number Tamileelam National Identity Card (a) Proof of payment of Rs.200/= deposited in Tamileelam Bank Savings Account No. 10079 or debit proof of payment made to the application in-charge officer in their area or at commercial outlets approved by the Tamileelam Registration Board.

Photograph 10*15 cm Photograph (Colour) 01 – Separate 0.33 * 10.56 cm Photograph (Colour) 01 The separate background should be red in color and should be in plain view.

Photocopy of family registration card instead of no HR card. Proof attested by competent persons instead of no birth certificate.

Photograph of Maveerar Family Welfare Protection Card (Only for Maveerar Family)

~ In the civil status to be noted mention the category of the applicant unmarried / married / husband / wife.

~ As element letter.

~ Use ball point pen only.

~Bring the original documents attached with the application for verification by the Admissions Officer.

~ Those who are qualified to confirm the request! Human Resource Officer, School Principal (for students only) Village Headmen approved by Tamileelam Registration Department.

~ Those who are competent to confirm the absence of documents to be attached. Human Resource Officer, Tamileelam Peace workers, Marriage Registrar, (Only for Marriage Certificate) School Principal (Only for Students) Village Headmen approved by Tamileelam Registration Department.

  1. Full name with initials of the applicant
  2. Name of applicant
  3. Another name
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Place of birth
  6. Birthday
  7. Register no
  8. Family Registration Card No
  9. Permanent Admit Card No
  10. Civil Status (Unmarried / Married / Concubine / Concubine)
  11. Name of Spouse
  12. Spouse’s father’s name

(Correction by Tamilpriya)

Tamileelam National Identity Card form


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