Tamil’s New Year – A Glorious Historical Festival for Tamils

Thirunal – A Glorious Historical Festival for Tamils Pongal – Tamil Thirunal is a day of thanksgiving to the Lord.

Tamil’s New Year – Marking the beginning of the year 2054 of The Great Philosopher Thiruvalluvar who gave divine blessing to the Tamil people and the world. It also marks the 148th birthday of Dr. Albert Schweitzer. Dr. Albert Schweitzer has shown to the world that life is meant to be lived in Thirukural (Philosophical Poetry).

“What is the duty of each to himself? Valluvar talks about what is the duty to do to others with great manners and wisdom. It can be said that no other book in the world literature shines with such noble wisdom. “Thirukural, which talks about public justice, has a different philosophy, the dominance given by the texts is not given.”

“The determination of life, action etc. which exemplifies the lofty goals of the Tamils ​​are buried and revived in Thirukural.”

“Active love is combined with a wonderful virtuous life especially in the Thirukural.”

The accolade received by a world-renowned European sage is a happy news that every Tamilan should take note of.  It is our special debt of gratitude to remember Dr. Albert Schweitzer and his profound thoughts.

“For help done without doing, power is scarce – Divine Thirukkural 101”.  Let every Tamil consider Thirukkural as the Tamil national book, try to live according to it, realize the importance of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Dr. Albert Schweitzer and move forward towards world peace with brotherhood and coexistence.


Thaippongal Kondaddam..

Tamil’s New Year

1991.01.14 Eezhanatham



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