The lines of Thavabalan’s son….

It was a Friday, 15th of May, around 12 o’clock in the afternoon. Father’s face was different when he came towards our tent. My mother and I came outside. “I won’t come. Everything is over. You go.” My father said. I cried in sadness and hugged my father. His eyes cried that day. Then we turned said goodbye to father and started walking towards Vattuvagal to surrender. We had to spend the night somewhere in the middle. 60mm motor cells were falling and exploding. We spend the night into the bunker. That night was filled with a lot of thoughts.”

Although we were determined to surrender early morning on May 16th. But we did not know where and how. In the morning we moved towards Puthukudiyiruppu to surrender. You can hear shot guns and shells everywhere. Dead bodies were everywhere. We moved out of the bunkers. Then, when we reached the final border near Puthukudiyiruppu, we met my father unexpectedly. It was observable that the place would be inhabited by something big, ready for a great war to follow.

My father immediately took his photos that we had and tore it to pieces. Then he asked us to go to Vattuvagal immediately. He also came with us for a short distance. Suddenly an RPG projectile exploded on the way. We started to scatter. We started running.

But today I feel something. My father was unwaveringly committed to the truth he preached. He has given it to us as well. That’s why neither my mother nor I asked my father to come with us….

Dad immediately took his photographs which we had and clicked them and immediately told us to go towards Vattuwagal. He also came a little distance. On the way, suddenly an RPG projectile came and exploded. We scattered and started running. But today I feel one thing that father had unshakable faith in the truth that he preached and he also gave it to us correctly and that’s why neither mother nor I asked father to come with us and did not embarrass him


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