Karthikaipoo – The national flower of Tamil Eelam

Everyone knows that flowers are the symbol of the nation. It is an enduring tradition that the related flowers intertwined with the milk of the historical and social culture of the respective nation. The nation declares the flower as national flowers and are honored by the respective nationalities and maintained as equals to the national flag.

It is known from history that the ancient Tamil kings had separate flowers for adoption. That is, fig flowers were the national flowers for the Cholas, panam flowers for the Cheras and neem flowers for the Pandyas. The garlands of the above flowers were worn by them when they went to the fields.

Here Kanthal is the traditional Tamil name of the Karthikai flower. Through this historical evidence, the connection between the Karthika flower and the Tamil history becomes clear. Flowers play an important role not only in the country but also in the beliefs of the people living in the country.



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