The next generation of Tamileelam who defeated the German hero!

The recipient of Tamileelam who represented Switzerland won the boxing match between Germany and Switzerland yesterday at Singen Münchriedhalle in Germany. Saturthikan, 17 years old, weighing 75 kg, enlisted his victory against the German champion, weighing 79 kg, in the competition. Around 130 competitors were attended to the competition.

This young player prepared himself on the field by wrapping himself in the Tamileelam national flag in this match.

Shaturthikan is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Sivakanthan Kelasi who lives in Zurich. Our nation’s children are making great achievements in the field, but our Tamileelam independent state is not in our hands to celebrate and resolve them. No matter where we live, we will express our history and identities without forgetting or hiding them. With the hope that Tamileelam will be free soon.


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