The ‘Sea-shark’ of Sea-Tigers. 

The Sea-Tigers are the maritime service branch of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Armed Struggle. The Tamil natives were aware of the “Seagull” vessel however, the “Sea-shark” vessel from the Sea-Tigers is not widely known within the Tamil community. Only two “Sea-shark” vessels were ever constructed by the Sea-Tigers.

One of them left an indelible mark on the armed struggle maritime history, ensuring the vessel and its crew are remembered for their bravery and sacrifice.

The other is exhibited at Sri-Lanka’s Navy’s Road exhibition, the “Sea-Shark” vessel proudly displays its affiliation while shrouded in an aura of mystery.

The answers to these questions remain unanswered to the occupying forces:

1. what was the vessel’s true purpose? – It’s true capabilities remain concealed, known only to those with the highest security clearances within Tamil Eelam’s Sea-tigers.

2. What victories did the vessel bring to the Sea-Tigers? – The nature of its missions, the targets it pursued, and the intelligence it gathered remained hidden from prying eyes. It’s true intention, known only to a select few within the highest echelons of the Sea-Tigers’ command, reminds a closely guarded secret

While the vessel’s true intention remained unknown, one thing was certain: it represented the zenith of the armed struggle maritime secrecy, standing as a symbol of a nation’s determination to protect its interests, employing covert means to outmaneuver adversaries and safeguard its sovereignty, embodying the vital role of secrecy in safeguarding national security of Tamil Eelam.



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