The people of Tamil Eelam had gathered on the first day.

Day 1: Thileepan went to the fasting state. Before that and senior citizen  mother takes “arthi” to Thileepan. At 9.45 Thileepan sat on the stage and start his hunger strike. It was said to the people why Thileepan has started the hunger strike. Thileepan asked for books to read. Following books was given to him by his own interest: Che Guevera, Fidel Castro and Yasser Arafat. At 11 pm LTTE leader Prabhakaran arrived and met Thileepan. Then Thileepan met with the reporters and went to bed at 1.30 am.

The journey will continue …..

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Day 1 முதல் நாள் முழு அறிக்கை

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