This is an interesting event in the history of warfare study

Standing in the middle of the picture is Colonel Kiddu, the LTTE’s attack commander for the Jaffna district. To his left is Captain Kothalawala, Commander of the Sri Lanka Army. He was stationed as commander at the Jaffna Fort.

The fort was besieged by Kiddu.  Hundreds of Sinhala soldiers led by Kothalawala were barricaded inside the fort. Food and water for them were cut off. Helicopters do not land at the fort for fear of LTTE attack. The soldiers inside the fort were starving.

Colonel Kiddu receives a call from Captain Kothalawala through a walkie-talkie. “We are running out of food. There is no water. Will you allow our helicopters to feed us?”

Even though it is enemy, Kiddu is a Tamil and he does not want even the enemy to starve. “Your helicopters are not allowed here. We will feed you if you want. I will send food and firewood in a truck. Tell your soldiers not to attack,” Kiddu said.  Kothalawala agreed.

After a while the truck sent by Kittu goes into the castle and delivers the food.  After that the fight starts at the same place. While the fight was going on, Kiddu and Kothalawala often stopped the fight and met face to face. The bodies of the deceased were exchanged at their meeting in several places.

In the days that followed, Colonel Kiddu was caught in an Indo-Lanka joint military group and committed suicide along with ten of the movement’s traditional comrades. Captain Kothalawala realizes the LTTE’s justification for the struggle and leaves the Sri Lankan army and flees abroad.

 The LTTE is proud to have fed the enemy on the battlefield.

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