Today is the 34th memorial day of 12 freedom fighters with Lt.  Colonel Kumarappa and Lt. Colonel Pulenthiran.

Today is the 34th memorial day of 12 freedom fighters with Lt.  Colonel Kumarappa and Lt. Colonel Pulenthiran.

They were arrested in Jaffna Bay by Sri Lankan Army and were hold back in Palaly Base. The Sri Lankan Army, in conspiracy with the Indian Army, planned to transfer them all to Colombo. On 05.10.1987 following fighters became hero and maveerar by ingesting cyanide:

  • Jaffna District Commander Lt.  Colonel Kumarappa (Balasundaram Rathinabalan – Valvettithurai, Jaffna)
  • Thirumalai District Commander Lt. Colonel Pulenthiran (Kunanajagam Tharumarasa – Paalayoottu, Trincomali)
  • Major Abdullah (Ganapathippillai Nagulakumar – Savakkacheri, Jaffna)
  • Captain Palani (Balasubramaniam Yogenthirarasa – Valvettithurai, Jaffna)
  • Captain Karan (Vaithilingam Manoharan, Sundukkuli, Jaffna)
  • Captain Miresh (Thavarajah Mohanarajah – Valvettithurai, Jaffna)
  • Captain Nalan (Ganapathippillai Gunenthirarajah – Point Pedro, Jaffna)
  • Lieutenant Anpalagan (Thesomajanantham Uthamasigamani – Valvettithurai, Jaffna)
  • Lieutenant Thavakkumar (Somasundaram Bhagiyarajah – Mulliyaan, Jaffna)
  • 2nd Lieutenant Reginold (Gabriel Bernard Mariyanajagam – Mulliyaan, Jaffna)
  • 2nd Lieutenant Ananthakumar (Gnanapragsam Francis Alosius – Manathkaadu, Jaffna)
  • With them was Captain Raghuvappah (Rajamanikkam Raghuman – Valvettithurai, Jaffna). He received treatment in hospital after ingesting cyanide and became maveerar on 06.10.1987.

Jaffna  District Commander Lt. Colonel Kumarappa

Lt. Colonel Kumarappa had taken part in various attacks on the Sri Lankan Army and the police stationed in the Tamil Eelam. When the Tamil Eelam national leader was informed about Kumarappa and his strength, he appointed Kumarappa as Batticaloa District Commander and Jaffna District Commander. Kumarappu did not disappoint the leader for his faith in him and did his post very well.

During his post as Batticaloa District Commander and Jaffna District Commander, Lt Colonel Kumarappa was involved in various attacks against the Sri Lankan Army and the Sri Lanka Police. He also worked tirelessly to build the LTTE in these districts.

During the time when Sri Lanka and India worked together against Tamil Eelam, Lt. Colonel Kumarappa and the Trincomali District Commander Lt. Colonel Pulenthiran, and more freedom fighters were arrested by the Sri Lankan Navy and was hold back at the Kankesanthurai Base and later at the Palaly Base.

When these freedom fighters was to know about the Sri Lanka Army and Indian Army´s plan to transfer them to Colombo, they all were ingesting cyanide and became maveerar.  Before Lt. Colonel Kumarappa ingested the cyanide and sacrificed his life, he wrote a letter to the national leader:

Dear Leader,

I, Kumarappa was arrested by the Sri Lankan Navy at 3.30 am on 3.10.87 at the Point Pedro Bay. Then I was brought to the Kankesanthurai Base and from there to the Palaly Base under the custody of Indian peacekeepers and the Sri Lankan Army. They may take me to Colombo. I do not recognize the laws of the Sri Lankan government. I am ready to destroy myself completely if they take me to Colombo.

”Thirst of Tigers is the homeland of Tamil Eelam”

Kindly, Kumarappa

Thirumalai District Commander Lt. Colonel Pulenthiran

Dear Pulenthiran,

Our weapons was given to the Indian Army and they guaranteed for the safety of Tamil people. But when you asked for security to go to Trincomali, Major Karuppasamy in the Indian Army told you: “Not today, not ever.” On that day, we realized the fact that a nation fighting for its liberation must only trust itself. Then the same message was confirmed by your death.

Tamil Eelam was suffering by your death. This a big historical betrayal by the Indian Army. You took part in the first attack on the Sri Lankan Army with Seelan and Ranjan (At Kankesanthurai in 1981). Seelan and Ranjan became maveerar. Now you was to hug the death because of the betrayal!

While I was in the custody of the Indian Army, my wife told me a story about my daughter. My daughter always looked the kids with their fathers. She did not move her eyes or speak of anything else until the kids and their fathers disappeared from her view. When I heard this, I can imagine how a child feel not to have her father with her. At the same time I think my daughter perhaps will see her father one day. But for you, you may no longer have that opportunity. I realize how much we have paid for our motherland. I also realize the power and the strength of our movement. How we did get the strength to endure all this.

To the people in the village you are their adopted child. I remember those days when you lived in Pottu’s house. When people made temple offerings, they always came with sweets and meal for you. You were in the hearts of the people of our village.

Your shoulders was always there for any help in the village. Carrying the body at the funeral procession, helping in the houses when festivals take place, you was football trainer to the young people, you was free tutor for the students in the village, your voice will be heard everywhere. ‘Supersonic’ is the name we gave you. Your tendency to show speed anywhere – anything we are afraid to come with you in any vehicle because of your speed. You never admit your mistake in such situations. When we were punished during training, you will be punished for doing more. You always keep smiling in every situations. Will you those days come again?

When run from Semmani to Kodikamam in our training, our village youths run with us thinking that we are practicing to run a race. All the memories when I past the streets. Let your son grow up and I will show him the streets and tell him about you.

Dear Pulenthiran, every attack you made is of historical significance in hour history. You have attacked all the forces of Sri Lanka. You have been a nightmare for the Sinhala chauvinists. That is why the Sri Lankan Army gave you to the Indian Army in exchange for their soldiers. Your wife was in 3 months with your child. ”Sri Lankan Army were arrested during the war time. We are arrested in peacetime.” This is what you said before you ingested the cyanide. The wounds on your body show how angry the Sinhala Army was at you.

“India´s betrayal against Tamil people cannot be washed with the holy Ganges!” said a historical professor. I think he was referring to the death of Thiyagi Thileepan and you in the war against our people.

Attacks Lt. Colonel Pulenthiran took part in:

  • The first attack on the Sri Lankan Army in Jaffna on 15.10.1981. Kankesanthurai attack.
  • Attack on Savakkacheri police station on 27.10.1983.
  • Attack on police jeep at Point Pedro on 18.02.1983.
  • Attack on Savakkacheri United National Party candidate Muthiah on 29.04.1983.
  • Attack on Sri Lankan Army at Kantharmadam Election on 18.05.1983.
  • Attack in Tirunelveli on 23.07.1983.
  • Attack on Sri Lankan Army at Pathaviya – Pulmottai Road on 18.12.1984.
  • Attack on Sri Lankan Army in Achchuveli on 09.01.1985.
  • Attack on Sri Lankan Army in Kokkilay on 14.02.1985.
  • Attack on Army Armored Vehicle in Thirumalai – Kinniya Road.
  • Attack on Air Force in Thirumalai – Kinniya Road.
  • Attack on Sri Lankan Army Camp at Mullipothanai.
  • Attack on Sri Lankan Army at Panmathavachi.

“Thirst of tigers is the homeland of Tamil Eelam”

  • From the book “Theeruvil Thee” (05.10-1992)