Mallavi is a town located in Mullaitivu District in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka, 13 kilometers (8.1 miles) from Mangulam and 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from Thunukkai.
It has excellent educational and medical facilities, and has a population of around 9000.

Mallavi Central College and Yogapuram Maha Vidyalayam are some of the most reputed schools in the area.

It is a prominent place in the history of Mallavi Eezha’s (Eelam) struggles. It is a place where the people who faced displacements were accepted into settlement and given food. Alamkulam Tuilumillam is a symbol of struggle.

The land of Mallavi, which has fields, ponds, croplands, and groves, has a land of forests as its stronghold.

Mallavi is the heroic land of the rich country of Eezhm, which had heroes, fighters, educators, and laborers. The spirit of everything is in Baliyaru. Vavuunikulam was built to store the water of Baliyaru. Mallavi Vavunikulam, Aninjian Kulam, Yogapuram, Oddangulam, Thunukkai, Elaruttha Kaadu, Therankandal were all formed by Vavunikulam. Vavunikulam was west of Vadakadu. This pond is said to have been built by the Chola kings and was later enlarged in the last century as the government made the Vavunikulam Mallavi Thunukai settlement projects.

Jaffna people settled in these areas. Even more people were from Nedundivu. The people of Nedundivu who came to Mallavi brought cattle and goats from the town by sea in boats. Cattle farms increased.

The settlers plowed in Mallavi, Thunukai, Vavunikulam and Oddangulam and planted Ulunthu (Urudu Dhal). They also planted chilis and sowed sesame seeds. Both sesame seeds and Ulunthu were plowed. Mallavi’s first rise was due to Ulunthu plowing.

Mallavi is a new settlement, but Panangkamam, Pandiankulam, Manthai, Thenniankulam, Naddankandal, and Valaigankaddu, are all around Mallavi are old settlements. Panangkamam has been a separate kingdom. It is said to be the place where Kailaivannian ruled last.

Still there are old ruins all over the place. Thenniankulam is like Panangkamam, with black stone pillars and foundations of ruined buildings. It is believed that the residence there centered around a pond built by a king named Thennyan.

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