TOWARDS OUR PLACES – Udappoor or Udappu

Udappoor or Udappu is a beautiful Tamil village located in the northwestern part of the Puttalam district of Sri Lanka. It is a village with many historical stories. Udappu is a village with the story of Karnan, historical village stories and more.

Udappoor is located at a distance of 11 km from Silabam. More than 20,000 people live in Udappoor. In Uduppoor people live happily together with different religions like, Hinduism, Islam and Catholics.

There is a junction here in Uduppoor. This junction connects Silabam and Kathpiddi Kuda. This junction will be cut off by sand during the floods and the people of this village are protected from the danger of floods. Because of the strong flood this is also called Aruvay. And the place where the flood breaks it is called “udayppu” (break down), and later it became Udappu or Udappoor.

The northern part of Udappu village is called North Udappu and the southern part is called South Udappu. Udappu village is bordered by the Indian Ocean to the west, the Andimunai village to the north, and the Pingaddi village to the south.

Tamils live in the northwestern province from Karpitiya to Negombo. Historical evidences says that the Jaffna Kingdom ruled these areas. Udappu is considered to be a place where Tamils lived before historical times. The stories of Karnan and the historical temples found here are evidence for this.

The legendary Munnesara temple in the Datsanakailaya Purana and the Manaveri Shiva temple are also evidences of the life of the Tamils in the area. The book “ANCIENT JAFFNA” written by Muthaliyar Rasamanikkam also claims this fact.

Formerly the Puttalam District was a district of the greatness and existence of the Tamils. But today the opposite is said about Puttalam.
However, Udappu village is seen as a village where Tamils celebrate and preserve their pride and existent.

When talking about Udappoor, the fire-trampling festival of the Thuropathai Amman Temple is a famous one. Perri Somaskandhar is a singer of village songs. He is also a famous one in this festival.

People from Udappoor
Ka. Velayutham Sammatiyar
Y. Chinnathambi President
N. Chirambalam Grama Niladhari Chairman
Poovadappan Teacher
Muthiah Priest Udappu Durapathai Amman Temple
Mookkutty Arumugasamy is the Deputy Chairman of the Grama Niladhari Council
Muthiah Sokkalingam President (Registrar of Marriages, Justice of the Peace)
Auditor Weeravelayutham Pandit
V. Mayandi President
Muthuthambi Rajalingam is the coroner
Jayamuthu Vidanai Vairavasundaram Teacher
S. Nallaivaran is a Officer
S. Marimuthu Justice of the Peace
Ramalingam Jayathurai Social Worker
Sethupathi Sivasothy is the Chairman of the Village Council
Sethupathi Jayaraman Sembalingam
Marimuthu Poovaiya Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman
K. Datsanamoorthy Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman
M. Ramanathan Justice of the Peace
Muthurakku Sirimurugan Singer Actor Educator
Chirambalam Thilagavathy Registrar
M. Cellaiya Grama Sevakar
K. Member of the Mahalingam Pradeshiya Sabha
Marimuthugamalavasakan Member of the Pradeshiya Sabha
Velupillai Sivapalan is a Justice of the Peace
Vairava Kanagaratnam is the Justice of the Peace
Vairava Sabaratnam Divisional Secretary
Velan Sammati Grama Niladhari
Lapamuthu Ramachandran is a Justice of the Peace
Mr. Kadirgamuttaiya is a koothu artist
Doctor Chinnandi
Mr. Kandavadivel Vairaiya is the Editor-in-Chief


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