The Vanni was informed that the Vanangaman ship

Wananga hid in the unruly bunker of the soil- the moon. The war intensified in 2009 to end the bloodthirsty blood ties of the war, which claimed the lives of tens of thousands of innocent Tamils ​​trapped in the brutal war in the Vanni in 2009. The LTTE controlled areas were shrinking day by day. The assistance and assistance of Asian and international powers, which were directly and indirectly behind the Buddhist-Sinhala state in massacring Tamils ​​and carrying out a genocide that the LTTE intended to annihilate, was no more.

  1. Nadesan, Political Officer for Tamil Eelam, V. Manivannan (Castro), International Liaison Officer, Reggie, Executive Director, Tamil Rehabilitation Society, for the Vanangaman project. At the end of 2008, it was requested from the Vanni to load humanitarian activists and bring them to the Vanni.

As the LTTE began to retreat from Mullikkulam to Mullivaikkala as the war in the Vanni began to intensify, there were at least fifteen doctors (Tamils ​​and whites), at least five or six Mayawati, on board the Vananga mud ship by the Tamil Eelam Political Officer P. Nadesan and V. Manivannan (Casro) Reji. The plan to send a team of 250 people from the Diaspora to the Vanni with relief supplies, including humanitarian activists, was put forward by Tamil national activists.

The Vanni was informed that the Vanangaman ship was scheduled to be unveiled. Apart from Dr. Arutkumar, no other Tamil doctor wanted to come to the Vanni by ship. The same is true of white doctors. The same story happened with journalists. Not just white journalists. No Tamil journalist wants to come to Vanni by ship, let alone …

The project was well received by the diaspora in Tamil Nadu. But until 11.05.2009, that is, for more than two months, no Tamil journalist wanted to go to the Vanni for the matter approached from the Vanni. Meanwhile, on 07.05.2009, the ship Captain Ali (with the project name Vanangaman) set sail for the Vanni from France. It was in this context that the Editor-in-Chief of IPC Tamil Radio, who was living in London, was approached on the afternoon of 11.05.2009 and he too reluctantly agreed to go to the Vanni. It is learned with the news of Sangathi 24 that he was forced to go to Egypt to board the ship instead of boarding the ship directly from London.

With the Sri Lankan government using food and medicine as a shield to stage the deadliest genocide against the Tamil people, the international community has not provided any humanitarian assistance to the Tamil people and the world has abandoned the Tamil people. It is noteworthy that the campaign for the Vanangaman ship intensified in the field during the period when Vanangaman was talked about in the bunkers.

  1. Manivannan, the International Liaison Officer in charge of Tamil Eelam Political Affairs, P. Nadesan, approached a Scandinavian-based Tamil nationalist activist who was immediately staying in France, and through him, with the help of another Tamil nationalist activist, Pradeep, arranged for Captain Ali to sail. Humanitarian Project Announced by Dr. Arutkumar on 10.03.2009 under the name Mercy Mission

A 1600-meter-long “Vanangaman” (IMO: 6619920) ship with the caption “Captain Ali” in Syria, recorded in Syria under the title “Vanangaman” in Tamil and “double credit” in English, entitled “A Journey to Compassionate Relationships to Help Abandoned Worlds”. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, It was learned through field relations that the ‘Mercy Mission Vanni’ with 884 metric tons of material from Foss-sur-Mer, France, did not depart for various reasons despite planning to continue its journey towards Eelam on the 2nd route.

The Sri Lankan government has repeatedly accused the LTTE of using such relief ships on its departure from the coast of Sri Lanka on 30.03.2009.

A spokesman for the Sri Lankan High Commission in the United Kingdom said it was up to the Sri Lankan government to decide whether to allow the ship. It is noteworthy, however, that the British government reportedly refused permission after the Sri Lankan navy repeatedly warned that no ship would be allowed to enter Sri Lankan waters without prior permission and that any vessel entering Sri Lankan waters would be attacked.

Volcanic eruptions have ravaged the Tigers, women, children and the elderly alike. People are saddened that it is not yet known what is going on with the money. This aside, it is only true that the Vananga mud ship was not sent to the Vanni in time.

Departing from the British port of Ipswich on 20/04/2009, Hakappa landed all the cargo at the port of Facamp. Capt. The voyage began. About two months later, Capt. Ali embarked on his voyage from France to the Vanni via Egypt in the final days of the Battle of Mullivaikkal.

There were 15 people aboard the Vanangaman ship. One of the two Egyptians on board the ship (2002-2005) served on the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (An Ex-Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) during the LTTE’s ceasefire, including Christiana Coumasta from Iceland. From Tamil to Egypt a Tamil engineer and 2 others were waiting to board the ship from Egypt. , Photos, videotapes uploaded daily through their computers twice daily

The ex-Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) also had the liberty of having the Sri Lankan Ceasefire Monitoring Mission (SLMM) with him as it sailed across the Suez Canal carrying about 884 tons of food and medicine carrying humanitarian aid. The report also pointed out that the war was intensifying, adding that the LTTE was ready to co-operate with the LTTE if it went to Mullaitivu and to accept any casualties during the trip, said Mr Udayanan.

He said that during the 29-day voyage, the Vanangaman 12 cruise ship sailed across the international coast of the country at an average speed of 4-9 nautical miles and after 17 days of voyage received information that the LTTE was not in control of Mullaitivu and sailed to Sri Lankan waters on 29-04-09-2009. . .

He further stated that the ‘Wananga Man’ which departed from there on 07/05/2009 was captured by the Sri Lankan Navy 160 nautical miles off Colombo on 04/06/2009 without being followed by 4 Dorab boats and 1 small ship and taken to the port of Colombo. For 7 days, 21 people took turns in the waters off Colombo and carried out interrogations. Mr. Udayanan said the ship was then tasked by Sri Lankan authorities to move out of Sri Lankan waters.

Despite natural disasters and man-made disasters, it is human nature to help human beings with a humane heart, regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. It is Way humane and special. Those who are reluctant to do so are those who cannot be subdued within the class of human beings. This is because even sentient beings have the nature to raise any distress and call on others to tolerate the pulse of the next life. The government itself may have accepted aid supplies brought in from long distances and distributed them to refugees. The Tamils ​​could not comprehend what kind of human social repression the government, which was seeking financial and relief assistance from foreign governments and international organizations such as the UN, was sending back the goods sent by the diaspora.

MV for Tamils ​​affected by war in Sri Lanka The ship, which had entered the Indian waters near Sri Lanka by ship, was anchored in the deep sea 18 nautical miles off the coast of Chennai at that time because it had been sent back by the Sri Lankan government with a relief ship named Vanangaman named Captain Ali. The ruling class at the time refused.

Executive Director of the ‘Human’ Foundation; Those who came to help Kanimozhi and Shanmuganathan, the Chief Minister’s aide in connection with Agni Subramaniam Vanangaman, now make every effort to help them with the anguish to say that they are in a position to seek help. The Vanangaman ship, which was returned from Sri Lanka, entered the Indian Ocean on 12/06/2009. Port officials refused to bring the ship into the Chennai port. It is noteworthy that the ship was anchored 10 nautical miles from the port. Port officials sent water and drinking water to those aboard the ship after political parties and humanitarian organizations protested. Artist Karunanidhi, the late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, promised in the Assembly that he would be allowed to send the ship back to Sri Lanka. But it is noteworthy that there were many delays in getting the permit.

In this case, the ship must be allowed to return to Sri Lanka and die. Agni Subramaniam, executive director of the Humanitarian Foundation, met Agarwal, general secretary of the Red Cross (Indian section) in New Delhi, and petitioned for the ship to be unloaded at the Chennai port and allowed to return. The Red Cross should intervene and take immediate action. Agni Subramaniam also demanded that arrangements be made to provide necessary facilities to those stranded on the ship.

He said that with the help of the Red Cross, he would meet with senior officials of the Foreign and Shipping International Red Cross and urge them to take immediate action in this regard. Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu intelligence who inspected the Vanangaman ship a few days ago took away an administrator of the Manitham Trust for investigation. He was later detained and interrogated. A man working for the Humanitarian Foundation said he had been tortured at the time.

The Vanagaman ship, which was docked 10 nautical miles from the Chennai port, was expected to reach the Chennai port in a couple of days, the official said, adding that work was underway to prepare the necessary documents. It is noteworthy that he added that the Vanangaman ship is likely to return to the port after the completion of these works

Meanwhile, Union Shipping Minister GK Vasan was briefed by Congress leader Gopanna on the situation of the Vanangaman crew.

It was then that Minister GK Vasan came to the notice of the ship’s crew. GK Vasan has asked the authorities to provide all possible assistance to them immediately. Gopanna said the ship’s crew did not have to worry. Agni Subramaniam said that as a result of the efforts of GK Vasan and Kanimozhi, the port authorities boarded the ship the next morning. Said.

Water, food and medicine have been taken away. Meanwhile, some Tamils ​​who contacted us from London said, ‘Every day the ship is at sea is costing several lakhs of rupees. The consensus effort of the Tamils ​​of the world will be fruitful only if the relief items on board are allowed to die in Sri Lanka or Tamil Nadu. In addition, the Government of Tamil Nadu should assist in repatriating many of the crew on board due to ill health. They had said that the Tamil Nadu government had sent the Wax field name to the Tamil Nadu public secretary Jyoti Jegarajan through the ship owner and that the Tamil Nadu government should help immediately.

The ‘Wananga Man’ organizing team said that no one was in any danger due to the ship carrying relief items. If the Indian Navy had any such suspicions, they might have generously inspected the ship. Without doing so, is it fair to cast doubt on those who came to help? Despite not accepting relief supplies, they painstakingly put forward their demands that the government should keep in mind the sending of crew members aboard the ship.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Kalaignar Karunanidhi has written a handwritten letter to his state ministers Ponmudi and DMK regarding the Eelam Tamil issue. A. who will be the Union Minister on behalf of. Through Rasa, it was handed over directly to Indian Foreign Minister SM Krishna. The Indian External Affairs Minister had said that he would take steps to unload the contents of the ship at the request of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and deliver them to the displaced people in the Vanni Interim Camp.

The agreement was reached when the Sri Lankan High Commission arrived in India at the request of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly passed a unanimous resolution. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has written twice to the Government of India stating that action should be taken to ensure that relief items reach Vanagaman Tamils.

Aid and relief items sent aboard the Vanangaman ship ‘Captain Ali’ were shipwrecked in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, due to pressure from the Tamil Nadu government amid a spate of distress; Unloaded and taken care of by the Indian Red Cross, the cargo ship ‘Colorado’ was sent from Chennai to Colombo on Friday 03/07/2009. In this regard, the Executive Director of the ‘Manitham’ charity Agni Subramaniam said that the Sri Lankan government acted with the intention that the relief items given by the European people should not go to the Tamils. Now the Red Cross has handed over to the Sri Lankan government without giving any formal reason. They do not go to the Tamils ​​regularly. If relief items are wasted, the Sri Lanka Red Cross should take responsibility for it. It is noteworthy that he had said that the international community, including India, should give a voice to these relief items to go to the Sri Lankan Tamils

884 South Wananga soil relief items in 27 large containers have been brought to Colombo since its inception. First, the Ministry of Health, the Quality Control Agency and the Atomic Energy Authority have to certify that the contents of the containers are fit for use, both in the name of testing and then in the name of port charges and tax at the port. The Sri Lankan government said.

The Sri Lanka Red Cross has decided to distribute these items to the Tamils ​​behind the barbed wire fence and has been doing relief work since the relief supplies reached Colombo. In this context, the Deputy Director of the Sri Lanka Red Cross, Suren Peiris, in a letter to the Daily Mirror, pointed out that in a letter to the Government of Sri Lanka, the President of the Sri Lanka Red Cross stated that relief supplies were being dumped at the Port of Colombo.

According to it, goods worth 680 metric tons have been taken to Vavuniya by trucks loaded with 27 containers. Ruxan Oswald, the Sri Lanka Red Cross’s Liaison Coordinator, said the government had paid 20 lakh rupees and the Sri Lanka Red Cross 6 lakh rupees in arrears for the goods had been stored at the port for so long.

Sri Lankan Minister of Relief Services Amir Ali had said that they would be taken out of the port on the orders of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and sent to camps in Vavuniya through the Sri Lanka Red Cross for distribution.

During the height of the war in the north of Sri Lanka, the aid arrived in 27 containers at the Sri Lanka Red Cross’s Vavuniya warehouse on 24/10/2009 after a long haul of aid sent by expatriate Tamils living abroad for the displaced Tamil population.

Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical Equipment Rice, mango, pulses, sugar, baby food items, various essential items including canned food items were packed and packaged in the Vavuniya warehouse for the convenience of distribution of these relief items and the first batch of people were displaced not only to the camps but also to the displaced areas in Manikbam 4th Zone. Sri Lanka Red Cross National Secretary SH Nimalkumar said the relief items would be distributed to displaced people wherever possible.

It is noteworthy that despite the question of whether these items were properly delivered from the warehouse of the Vavuniya Red Cross, many items became obsolete and could not be used by the public. It is safe to say that supply was low and demand was high for the time being.

Thank you to all the great people who worked hard to get the Wananga soil relief materials to the people of the Vanni. ‘Vanni Mission’ provides humanitarian assistance with about 884 tons of food and medicine to the Tamil diaspora in large numbers of European countries; To the ‘Act Now’ organization which organized this, all those who went abroad and donated aid materials collected by the Diaspora community volunteers.

Mr. Christian and British expatriate Tamil national Mr. Udayanan, a Tamil national activist who served on the Ceasefire Monitoring Committee of Sri Lanka after a long voyage aboard the Vananga earthen ship, were accompanied by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, his son-in-law and members of Parliament, the Indian Red Cross, the Government of Tamil Nadu, the Government of Tamil Nadu, the Department of Shipping, Chennai. Thanks to the Sri Lanka Red Cross, the media and all those involved. It is our duty to thank the Tamils, despite their objections and criticisms regarding the Vanangaman ship, despite the duty of the Tamils ​​to bring relief items to the Tamils.

– Nilavan


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