Vatrappalai is the main town in the Mullaitheevu district of Eelam for the worship of Kannaki. Vatrappalai is considered to be a town famous for the festival of Kannaki in the month of May. Vatrapallai is associated with Kannaki who is associated with the literature of Silappathikaram related to the Sangamarupu period. The town Vatrappalai and its temples were been destroyed by the foreign occupation like the Portuguese, Netherland, and British. And then the Sri Lankan and Indian forces destroyed the town. This is a town with many destruction and this is also a town with many miracles.

Thanneerootru, Mulliyavalai are villages which bordering Vatrappalai. People in Vatrappalai make living by farming with coconut groves, and small gardens. Vatrappalai is still found with Tamil heritage where people still live by agriculture.

During the Naavalar period in Jaffna, the Kannaki and other God, whom people in village worshiped, were transformed and converted into a temple for worship by the Brahmins. The Tamils who worshiped Kannaki were left without their worship in the North East. They started coming to Vatrappalai Kannaki. Every year in the month of May, a large number of people gather to perform Kannaki worship. People also take to villages like Puliyambokkanai and Puthoor from all over the country to worship Kannaki. The Tamil way of life is associated with village worships Tamil heritage. Vatrappalai is a place where such pride is still preserved today.

Vatrappalai is a town that has many successful and heroic histories of the Eelam War.

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