Veerapandiyan’s Victory Pillar

The beloved citizens living in the city of Trincomalee have the opportunity to visit Victory Pillar which was founded by King Veerapandiyan about 750 years ago.

This victory pillar found in the Trincomalee Villoondri Kandaswamy Temple was erected by Veerapandiyan and the younger brother & viceroy Jatavarman Sundarapandiyan (1251 -1268 AD).

It is believed that this victory pillar was established when King Veerapandiyan defeated the King Savakan Chandrabanu who ruled during this period in Trincomalee and then performed a victory ceremony in Trincomalee.

It is understandable that the Pandiyan army soldiers worshiped Lord Murugan and offered charity to him as a debt of gratitude for their victory.

It is worth noting that during this period the Villoondri Kandaswamy temple was designated as one of the most holy sites. Temples where Lord Murugan’s weapon “Vel”, (An Iconic Arrow), is placed at the base of the temple are called Thirupadai Temples and are highly worshipped.

It is known from the inscription that this victory pillar was planted in the front hall of the ancient temple.  Hence it is confirmed that the history of Trincomalee Villoondri Kandaswamy Temple is more than 750 years old.

Note Further details regarding the Trincomalee Villoondri Kandaswamy Temple Charter can be found in Prof. C.  Padmanathan’s book, “Eelam Tamil Sasanam 2” in full on Page 343.

With Love, Jeevan.ய


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