Veerappan was born in the year 1938

Veerappan was born in the year 1938 in the town of Kulithalai, which is located in the karur district of Tamil Nādu, situated on the banks of Cauvery river, and became a schoolteacher in 1955. He assumed office in 1965 as the Headmaster of Ayyampalayam Government High School in Kadavur, Karur district.

During his tenure, the students expressed their opposition against the insertion of the Hindi language, in which he led anti-Hindi processions with the students. The government sponsored suppression of the Anti-hindi processions and agitations resulted in an increasing loss of Tamil students’ lives and tamil identity, which made Veerappan gravely concerned.

On 10.02.1965 he wrote a letter to the Government stating,

“It is unethical to work as an educator under an oppressive & illegitimate government that imposes Hindi onto its Tamil citizens”.

Upon sending the registered letter, the very next day on 11.02.1965, wrapping the Vēṭṭi (Tamil word for sarong) one on top of the other around himself, he sacrificed his life through self-immolation.


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