Ayurvedic Herbs and their medicinal uses

According to the proverb, “A life without disease is a life with wealth”, if we live without disease, will we not become healthy? The way to live without disease is mentioned in ​​Tamil Ayurveda medicines.

“Food is Medicine”. IF we eat healthy food with sufficient nutrition that is needed by our body as a day to day habit, we can avoid the ill health. No disease can invade the healthy body therefore we will not need any medicines.

Our ancestors have added herbs, vegetable, minerals in their daily food intake and have lived with good health for long period. However today, we are using English medicine (pharmaceutical) even for a minor illness.

‘Ignorance is the root cause of all suffering’ as stated by Vivekanandar. if you have any of the Ayurvedic herbs in your garden please maintain them carefully; if not, please try and grow your own herbs yourself.  We will live disease-free and disease-free life by using these herbs effectively and appropriately as recommended by our ancestors.

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